Top 10 Winter Craft Ideas for Kids

The holidays are just around the corner and the winter season upon us! It can be tough to find activities that are not specific to the Christmas holiday, so we put together a list of winter craft ideas that anyone can enjoy no matter what holiday they celebrate. These crafts can be used in classrooms, afterschool programs, and make great gifts for the season.

Snowman Ornament

Our snap together ornaments can be used to make these adorable snowmen! Fill them with white material, like Poly-fil, cotton balls, or just white paper cut into pieces. You can also paint the inside with white acrylic paint, or spread clear glue on the inside and shake glitter onto it. Then draw a face with permanent markers, or use a hole puncher and glue black dots for the eyes and mouth. You can also use orange sticky felt for the nose.

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Pom Pom Wreath

These mini wreaths are a super easy winter craft for kids. Choose a color pattern you’d like, whether it’s holidays colors or winter colors. String the pom pom beads onto a chenile stem. Wrap the ends of the stems together to close the wreath. Tie mini yarn around the wreath so you can hang it up, and then add a bow using trim or ribbon!

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Velvet Art Winter Frames

These Velvet Frames come in a pack of 48, with 4 designs including a reindeer, penguin, snowman, and elf. Use markers to color in the frame, then add a photo! This is an adorable craft for kids to make and bring home for their parents. You can also hang them up in the classroom for the winter season.

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Snow Globes

Our Our Color-Me Snow Globes are perfect for winter crafting. They can be decorated in so many fun ways. Draw your artwork on the paper insert, fill the globe with water, then place the paper into the center slot! Watch glitter and snow fall around your creation. For ideas and a tutorial, view our Snow Globe Craft Ideas for the Holiday blog.

winter crafts snowglobe

Winter Felt Characters

Using our wool felting kit, you can make winter characters like penguins, polar bears, and even a fox wearing a scarf! Place a small amount of roving wool on top of the square felt canvas and poke it repeatedly with the felting needle. Be sure to poke straight up and down. Repeat with each color of wool for your design. This is a great winter craft for afterschool students ages 8 and up.

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Paint Stick Snowman & Reindeer Ruler

Kids can measure how much snow has fallen with a snowman or reindeer paint stick ruler! First, paint the stick with white or brown paint. Then add lines and numbers for measuring with a permanent marker. For the snowman, add a scarf using red felt. Then cut out a hat and nose with construction paper and glue them on. You can use a hole puncher to make the dots for the mouth, and add wiggly eyes. The reindeer antlers were made with chenile stems, and then add a red pom pom for the nose. You can even string a bell onto chenile stem to wrap around him!

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Penguin Paper Craft 

How cute are these penguins? Our very own Crafty Kate came up with a fun way to use paper to create penguins with moveable heads! You can make a whole family, large and small. View our DIY Paper Penguin blog post including a video tutorial for step by step instructions on how to make them. It’s a great craft if you’re on a budget, since you only need construction paper, glue, and wiggly eyes!

Polar Bear Mask

This fuzzy polar bear mask is definitely our favorite winter craft! Use our animal masks or blank cardboard face masks to make your own winter characters. To make the polar bear, cut out circular ears from construction paper and glue them to the existing ears, just to make them a bit more round. Add pink construction paper. For the nose, glue a black pom pom onto a small craft cup and draw a smile, then glue the cup onto the center of the mask to give it a 3D look. To make it look fuzzy, pull apart pieces of cotton ball and glue them along the entire surface of the mask. Add a craft stick so kids can hold it up to their face!

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Mitten Stringers

A perfect decoration for your classroom or afterschool program! These mittens can be colored with markers or paint, and you can add stickers, gems, and glitter to personalize them even more. Each string comes with 3 pairs of mittens, so you can make it a group activity! Have 3 students each decorate one pair of mittens that are strung together. Then you can have the entire class tie their mittens together for a fun collaborative winter craft project.

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Craft Stick Snowflakes

Make beautiful snowflakes using craft sticks! Paint them white, blue, gold, or any other seasonal color. Then add glitter, buttons, gems, stickers, and more. We love the snowflakes made by Crafts by Courtney. You can also use glitter glue to decorate the snowflakes, like the one shown below by Not So Idle Hands.

winter crafts

winter craftsFind even more winter craft ideas here!

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