Pine Tree Wood Craft for the Winter Season

pine tree holiday craft

Project: Decorate your own pine tree for the holiday or winter season!

Project Time: 30 minutes (plus drying time)

Suggested Materials:

*The Wooden Pine Trees pack of 6 also includes sandpaper and instructions.


1. Sand the wooden trees until they are smooth (remove the dust with a soft cloth).

2. You may choose to apply a coat of wood stain before painting, or you can simply paint after sanding. A combination of acrylic paint and stain does looks great! Let it dry.

3. Decorate the trees with any craft materials you choose!

We love this idea for the winter season because of how beautiful the pine trees look in the snow. You can add cotton balls to the base to represent snow, or our special sparkling snow glitter to the tree itself. You can also add colorful pom poms or sequins to represent lights or ornaments for a Christmas tree. Use glitter glue for the garland, and don’t forget the star at the top!

View our printable guide for Wood Decorating Instructions and Tips to help your group with this project.

Customer Ideas & Tips

“These wooden trees are worth the price. They are about the size of my hand, so have a nice area to paint. They are thick, and stand up well. Not flimsy at all! My senior residents painted these, and then glued white glitter for snow and gems for decorations and made Christmas trees. They really enjoyed these! I would buy these again.”

“What is great about this craft is that it is something residents can do start to finish in less then 20 minutes. There is not enough time for residents to lose interest. Some of our residents need projects that they can see finished in a short time.”

“Painting these trees is my favorite holiday craft for my preschool class. This year the trees are already assembled – what a great help!”

“Our clients love this activity. We color the tree and add color beads for a fun activity, allowing our patients to be creative.”

Visit our Winter Crafts section on the blog for more creative winter and seasonal ideas!

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