DIY Paper Penguin Winter Craft for Kids

diy penguin paper craft

Looking for a fun and simple winter craft idea for kids? This DIY paper penguin craft is perfect for celebrating the season. Our craft expert Crafty Kate came up with a fun way to use paper to create penguins with moveable heads! You only need a few materials, so this is the perfect budget friendly craft for the classroom, afterschool, or childcare program. View the instructions below and our video tutorial.


How to Make a Paper Penguin

  1. You will need a square piece of black construction paper. Holding the paper vertically, fold the bottom right edge up as far as it can go so it’s even with the left side. Cut the excess paper so you are left with a square. (Tip: If you have square origami paper you can skip this step!)
  2. View the video tutorial below for folding instructions.
  3. Fold your square paper in half, then cut slits into the fold, starting small and getting bigger as you go. Stop about 3/4 of the way down the paper.
  4. Cut off a portion of the edge of your paper that you did not make slits in – this is so the penguin can later stand up.
  5. View the video tutorial below for folding the paper. Then glue the folds in place.
  6. Cut off the tip of the “beak” so you can then add orange paper to it in Step 9.
  7. Cut a piece of white construction paper for the body of the penguin. Glue it on.
  8. Cut out wings using black construction paper. Glue them on.
  9. Cut out two feet using orange construction paper. Then cut out a beak. Glue them on.
  10. Glue on wiggly eyes!


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