DIY Snowman and Reindeer Measuring Sticks – Winter Craft for Kids

Kids can measure how much snow has fallen this season by making these adorable holiday themed paint stick rulers! We made a snowman or reindeer to celebrate the winter and Christmas holiday. This is a great way to get kids to be crafty and creative while also enjoying the outdoors and interacting with their projects.

winter paint stick craftMaterials:


1) First, paint the stick with white or brown paint, depending on which design you choose (reindeer or snowman).

2) Add lines and numbers for measuring with a permanent marker.

3) For the snowman, add a scarf using red felt. Then cut out a hat and nose with construction paper and glue them on. You can use a hole puncher to make the dots for the mouth, and add wiggly eyes.

4) The reindeer antlers were made with brown chenille stems. Then add a red pom pom for the nose. You can even string a bell onto chenille stem to wrap around him!

winter craft

We are so excited to see how other crafters have used this idea to create their own adorable and festive measuring sticks! Some have used other materials like bells and cotton balls to make Santa. and even added yarn to hang them up. Check out these fun ideas from Pinterest!

craft stick measuring winter

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