Tie Dye Bandana Craft for National Dog Day

National Dog Day tie dye bandana craftNational Dog Day is Friday, August 26th! We all treat our pets as family, so why not make a personalized craft to show your dogs how special they are? I love this tie dye bandana idea, and it can be used for any occasion!


National Dog Day craft

Step 1: Wash the bandana before tie dying. It’s best to iron the bandana to eliminate wrinkles and make the fabric easier to work with.

Step 2: Choose your design. I chose a pawprint and my dog’s name, Brody. It’s best to print out the designs you want to use, so you have a guideline. I used pawprint clipart, then typed the name Brody and cut them out.

Step 3: You will need to put a clear barrier in between the printed design and the bandana, because the glue will seep through and you want to avoid the paper sticking to the bandana. A paper protector sheet works well.

Step 4: Using the glue gel (regular Elmer’s glue will not work), trace the designs. Be sure to use plenty of glue to cover the design. Anything you cover with glue will be white after you tie dye. Let the glue dry overnight.

national dog day National Dog Day bandana craft

Step 5: Carefully rinse the bandana in warm water and wring it out so it’s not dripping. Damp fabric will absorb the dye much more easily. NOTE: The glue will start to look and feel a bit rubbery as it gets wet.

Step 6: Now you can tie dye your bandana! Be sure to wear plastic gloves. I used our Color Splash!® tie dye kit which makes it super easy to tie dye. Choose the colors you want to use, and add water just as the instructions indicate. I mixed green and blue together. Be sure to use plenty of dye and saturate the whole bandana. You will see the glue turn the color of the dye, that is okay. Put the finished product into a bag and seal it. Be sure the glued section is on top and not covered up. Let it sit for 12-24 hours.

national dog day tie dye

*For tips on how to tie dye, visit our tie dye blog.

Step 6: Rinse the bandana in cold water to remove the excess dye. Then rinse it in warm water until the water runs clear. The glue should start to dissolve away. Make sure you wash off all of the glue. Your design will show up in white!

Step 7: Hand wash the finished bandana and iron again. Now your pet is ready to wear it for National Dog Day!

Look how handsome Brody looks!

National Dog Day bandana craft

You can make these for any holidays or occasions. I also made one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

National Dog Day tie dye

Some other great ways to decorate these white bandanas include regular tie dye, adhesive rhinestones, or markers for drawing and coloring. Our favorite design is still tie dye! There are so many color choices.

design your own pet products

Other fun pet holidays to celebrate are:

  • Walking the Dog Day – February 22nd
  • National Puppy Day – March 23rd
  • National Pet Day – April 11th
  • National Dog Day – August 26th
  • National Cat Day – October 29th

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