DIY Neon Tie Dye Tutorial

Tie-dye shirts are a timeless activity, and this version of it contains a special twist! How2PlayToday has shared a step-by-step guide on how to make a neon tie dye shirt which can look amazing in the sunlight, or even in blacklight! Try making these shirts with your kids, your classroom, or even at a summer camp following this guide, and some amazing results are bound to show.

neon tie dye activitiy



Step 1: Twist your cloth in the pattern you desired and secure with rubber bands.

Tie dye tutorial

Step 2: Here is the KEY next step: Get your cloth wet!

It only needs to be damp so you can ring out the water if it’s too wet. Having your cloth wet, helps for the dye to be absorbed and not just run off.

tie dye activity

Step 3: You can also use scissors and cut T-shirts into tank tops. These girls cut the bottom portion of their T-shirt to create crop tops and used some of the left-over scraps to create headbands.

tie dye neon

Step 4: Add the Neon Dye onto your cloth. If you place the colors next to one another, they will blend together.

Let sit overnight (you can place in a baggie or leave a plastic container)

glow in the dark

Step 5: Set in white vinegar to help set (shown here) then rinse in the sink with cold water.

After, I washed all items in the washing machine using cold water. Then dried them for the children to come view them the next day.

tie dye project

Here are some of the final results. They look even cooler in the blacklight! Hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind tie dye shirt, and check out the S&S worldwide blog for other tie dye tutorials!

neon tie dye tie dye glow in the dark


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