Top 7 Mandala Craft Activities

Mandala crafts

Mandalas are everywhere and seem to be very popular for any age group! These intricate circular designs have become an iconic image around the world. The word “mandala” originates from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated to mean “circle,” a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself!

Come explore your creative universe with these 7 must-have mandala crafts. Many of these are unique designs by our very own Crafty Kate!

1. Mandala Quote Collage Kit

Mandala Quote Collage

This exclusive mandala kit allows everyone to create their own custom mandala quote collages. Choose from the 4 different included quotes (2 faith-based and 2 everyday quotes), color the mandala, cut the quote up, and collage a design on the mandala. Simply photocopy however many copies you need of the quotes and everyone can create a meaningful project. Finished project measures 8-1/2” x 11”. Mandala design is printed on cardstock with artwork by Crafty Kate!  All supplies and instructions are included to make 24 finished projects. Access to a photocopier is required.

2. Sand Art Mandala Craft Kit

Sand Art Mandalas

An ancient craft, artfully updated! Simply peel off the protective paper and sprinkle sand to the sticky side of the striking chipboard designs. Includes 12 sand art boards that measure 9″ in diameter (4 each of 3 assorted designs), 2-oz. bags of sand (6 bright colors) and Educraft instructions that include interdisciplinary activities.

3. Velvet Art Mandala Backpack

Velvet Art Mandala Backpack

Pack of twelve 100% cotton drawstring backpacks with a beautiful velvet printed mandala on the front! We think the design, created by our very own Crafty Kate, is just right. Not overly complex yet not too simplistic, something everyone will love!! Entire bag can be tie-dyed or color-in the mandala with fabric paint or markers. Add glitter glue, sequins and gems.

4. Mini Velvet Art Mandala Ornaments

Mini Velvet Art Mandalas

Ready-to-decorate mini velvet art mandalas in 6 different designs can be colored and embellished to make beautiful hanging decor. Use water based markers or colored pencils and add gems or glitter for extra sparkle. Each mandala is die-cut from thick chipboard and is printed on both sides. Great for hanging in a window or doorway or even on a tree. Approx. 4” diameter with pre-punched 4mm hole on the top center to hang using your own ribbon, yarn or cord. Pack includes 24 mandalas – that’s 4 each of 6 beautiful designs by Crafty Kate!

5. Sun Catcher Mandalas

Jumbo Mandala Sun Catcher

These large 8″ mandala sun catcher frames can be decorated and hung in a window for the light to pass through! Large, deep areas and raised outlines make it easy to create a breathtaking piece. Decorate with Color Splash Glass Stain. Pack of twelve circular frames – amazing mandala design by Crafty Kate!

6. Velvet Inspiration Mandala Posters

Velvet Art Inspirational Mandala

Inspirational words like “Dream”, “Inspire”, and “Hope” have been designed right into this innovative spiral mandala shape. White border can be used for writing additional words, phrases, or freehand coloring. Decorate with water based markers, colored pencils, or crayons. Hang on a wall for colorful inspiration! Pack of 24 cardstock posters measure 12” square, all with the the same beautiful design.

7. Foil Leaf Velvet Mandalas

Velvet Foil Leaf Mandala

Create a truly unique piece of artwork! Simply peel off each section and foil “leaf” a color to build your mandala design! Similar to sand art boards but using our foil “leaf” technique. No glue needed! All supplies included. One mandala design by Crafty Kate, finished size measures 10” diameter. Pack of 24.

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