January Daily Holidays & Observances Printable Calendar

Need activity ideas and themed products for your program each month? Download and print our daily holidays and observances calendar! See the link below for our January 2023 Daily Holidays Calendar.

Refer to the calendar when you need inspiration, whether you are planning activities for the entire month for each holiday, or you need last minute ideas. Be sure to visit our Daily Holidays page to find related items that can help you celebrate each observance.

January 2023 Daily Holidays & Observances – Printable Calendar

January Printable Daily Holidays Calendar 2023

How to Use the Calendar For Your Program

We have listed the daily holidays or observances that fall on each day of the month. Some days have multiple holidays, so you can choose to focus on just one, plan an activity for each one, or combine them if possible.

For example, January 17th is Kid Inventor’s Day and Ben Franklin Day. Share with your group some of the interesting discoveries and inventions from Ben Franklin, including bifocals, the lightning rod, and other investigations into electricity. Then challenge students to invent something of their own. Provide materials like a makerspace kit or manipulative pieces for them to create with.

You can also find more Kid Inventor’s Day activity ideas here.

You may choose to use the calendar to plan your activities each month and develop themes around each of the days or a combination of days. The last two weeks of January includes National LEGO Day, National Puzzle Day, and Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. Plan a Craft Week for your program, where kids can design and color their own puzzles, build their creativity with LEGOand other building blocks, and other fun artistic craft ideas.

STEAM Educational Activities – Learning with LEGO

If you are just looking for some filler ideas or last minute ideas, refer to the calendar on any particular day and come up with a quick lesson or activity related to the daily holiday or observance. Some of these can even be used for brain breaks.

Activity Idea Suggestions

On pages 2 & 3, you will find an activity suggestion for each holiday and observance under the Activity Ideas section.

If you see a URL under the Activity Ideas section, that means the observance is listed on our Daily Holidays page. Visit that link (PDF includes clickable links) to find products and items that would work great for an activity.

We’ve also shared some specific ideas as a guide. For example, January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. You may be thinking, how can I turn this into an activity for my program? We love this idea to create Party Animals using photos of your pets and kraft cards. This also goes perfectly with National Hat Day on January 15th – kids can wear their own party hats too!

party animals craft activity

For National Science Fiction Day on January 2nd, have kids make some alien crafts!

Weekly & Monthly Observances

Our printable calendars also include weekly and monthly observances. For the month of January, there are several weekly and monthly observances. We have shared a few helpful links and related ideas below. Find all monthly observances in the printable download.

Monthly Observances:

Weekly Observances:

We would love your feedback on how you plan to use the calendar for your program, and if you would like to see any changes in the template. Thanks everyone!

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  1. I love looking at your calendars for inspiration. However, I create my calendars a month in advance and by the time you send out your calendars, I’ve already finalized mine. Is it possible that you could put out your calendars sooner or have them available for browsing via the internet?

    • Hi Lilly, thank you for your feedback, we definately understand planning a month ahead and apologize the January calendar was late. We just published the February 2023 calendar and now working on March 2023 which will be published next week.

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    I like the Printable Fitness calendar that you shared. I am looking for one that is geared more towards Memory Care residents. Do you have one that is geared for Memory Care residents? I know that our Assisted Living residents might enjoy these types of exercises.

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