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January 17th
How Kid Inventors Can Help the Community

           • Create a trash pickup device using materials in your Makerspace.
             Schedule a community cleanup event where kids can use their inventions.


           • Have kids gather recycled materials throughout the week, then create                     something functional using these materials. 


           • Use various items in your Makerspace to create an "instrument" of some
             sort. Kids will then perform a song at your local library or senior center. 




Encourage learning, creativity, and problem

solving with these 6 Inventor Inspiring activities! 


1. Invent It Book
You’re never too young to start inventing! This fun and informative book takes budding inventors through the entire creative process. Go from brainstorming, designing, and prototyping, to patenting, manufacturing, and marketing. This book includes all of the tools and tips needed to turn a concept into reality.
2. K’NEX® Creation Zone Building Set

This kit encourages kids to work together and collaborative on their design! It comes with hundreds of K'NEX parts, including rods and connectors that inventors can build with. The set also includes some ideas to spark creativity. This building set contains 417 rods and connectors that click together in a multitude of 3D configurations! Let kids construct basic 3D figures on their own and guide them to create more complex structures that will expand imagination. 

3. Brackitz® Inventor 170-Piece Set

Challenge and inspire your inventors! The unique connect-anywhere Brackitz attach to traditional planks at any angle. The versatile, durable, and portable pieces allow you to create everything from small-scale builds to larger-than-life 3-D structures. A great way to bring art, math, science, architecture, and engineering principles into play. The Inventor 170 Piece Set is great for larger builds and enables anyone to add rotating movement. 

4. ZOOB Modeling System

A great STEM kit that allows kids to be creative and build their own inventions.The Zoob pieces snap, click, and pop together, plus they move so they can play with their creations!  And because the pieces move, kids can play with their creations instead of just admiring them. Set includes 125 pieces, 5 instruction guides and plastic storage tub with lid.

5. KEVA® Contraptions Plank Set

This building set is great for children and adults who enjoy open-ended building, experimenting, and the flexibility to customize their creations. It also teaches problem solving skills. Inventors will create ball track structures with simple stacking planks. The set comes with 200 planks, 2 balls, and an idea booklet.

6. StikBot™ Studio Pro

Young inventors can create, animate and share with this stop-motion animation set. Kids can work together and choose a relevant topic for their video. Have the Stikbots™ act out a scene, and create a video using the app. Watch as your creation comes to life! Set comes with two Stikbots™, a tripod and a two-in-one green and blue screen.