Ice Cream Themed Crafts for Kids

It’s finally feeling like summer, and what better craft activity to plan this season than an Ice Cream theme! Below we have shared our favorite ice cream craft activities for kids. These ideas are super simple and require only a few materials. Plus, we also shared some ice cream themed games and activities.

Ice Cream Math Craft

This is a fun and educational ice cream craft for your little ice cream enthusiasts! This project incorporates counting, using coordinated small muscle movements and self expression! Have the children cut out their own cone and ice cream scoops from construction paper, then paste them to a piece of paper. Add numbers to each scoop as they count them. Then each child can add their own sprinkles, chocolate chips, cherries, and more. They will all enjoy discussing their favorite flavors and toppings!

ice cream math craft

Cupcake Liner Ice Cream Cone

Use cupcake liners, cardstock paper, paint, a fork, and some craft embellishments to re-create this idea from I Heart Crafty Things. This is such a creative way to use some household items to make a cute summer ice cream craft. They come out super colorful and we love how the cupcake liners really resemble an ice cream scoop. Plus, the gems add pizazz!

cupcake liner ice cream craft

Pom Pom Ice Cream

These fluffy pom pom ice cream cones from Darice’s blog Life Craft Love are super simple to make. They can be fun props for dramatic play – kids love to pretend they are cooking in a kitchen or making dessert! Use large pom poms for the ice cream (or you can make your own using yarn and a maker kit) and decorated paper for the cone.

pom pom ice cream cone

Use this concept to make Ice Cream Cone Garland, like this one from Growing up Gabel.

ice cream theme

Giant Ice Cream Popsicle

We love these jumbo sized ice cream popsicles from Hello, Wonderful. Kids love to craft, so why not make it BIG! This can keep them entertained for hours, designing their ice cream character and adding decorative pieces, then using it as a prop for a photo shoot! Use poster board, construction paper, paint, and tissue paper to make these life sized designs.

ice cream crafts

Ice Cream Watercolor Art

Our Watercolor Art Starter pack includes 4 different designs to color, including ice cream! Each one has 3 lightly sketched ice cream shapes printed on watercolor paper. This is great for beginners to follow the design, yet still create a work of art that is unique to their taste. Have fun experimenting with watercolors and markers. View some watercolor tips here.

ice cream craft watercolor

Ice Cream Activities and Games

Want to continue with your ice cream theme with some exciting, educational and creative games? Here are some fun ideas:

Scoop Stacking Challenge

ice cream scoop game

Ice Cream-Opoly Game

ice cream games

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