Mini Ice Cream Cone DIY Craft

mini ice cream cone craft

These mini ice cream cones are so much fun to make for a summer DIY craft! Kids loved putting these together and decorating their own ice cream. The perfect summer camp craft activity on a hot day. Plus, you can use them for an ice cream theme for National Ice Cream Day on July 17th!


Step 1:
Glue the foam ball inside of the paper mache flowerpot. This helps to create the ice cream scoop. We used a combination of 2″ and 3″ balls. The larger the size, the higher the scoops of ice cream look.

Step 2:
Roll out your model magic clay to create a smooth, flat piece. Then cover the foam ball. There is no wrong way to create your ice cream scoop. As you can see here, some used only one, some others used multiple colors.

You can even use more clay to create toppings like cherries.

Step 3:
Pour some liquid glue on top of your clay and smooth with your finger. This helps to create a more realistic “ice cream scoop” look. This also allows you to sprinkle on more toppings like glitter if you’d like.

mini ice cream cone diy

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