6 Party Games for National Tailgating Day

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Autumn is right around the corner so it’s nearly time for crisp air festivities, beautiful foliage, fun social gatherings & of course football season! With football season comes tailgating, delicious food, team spirit and silly social activities! That’s why every year we recognize the first Saturday in September as National Tailgating Day! Gatherings often take place at the tailgate of a pickup truck or the trunk of a car, but neither are required, so think outside the box as you plan to transform your facility this fall. Here are some fresh game ideas from our friends at Not Just Bingo to consider while planning a celebration your residents will love!

1. Football Toss

Celebrate this football season with residents by testing out their arm strength with a pocket flyer football. For the activity, give each resident three chances to toss the football in the backyard to see who can toss their football the farthest.

2. Ring toss

Invite residents to play the classic game of Ring Toss using an inflatable game board. Simply divide residents into two teams – Red Team and Blue Team – to see which team can toss the most rings around the pegs.

3. Chicken toss

Ever played lawn darts? Well, now there’s a fun new tossing game where you can see how well residents can hit a target – using rubber chickens. Chicken Flickin’ Toss will have your residents tossing rubber chickens so that they land on the target. But be careful; these rubber chickens can easily roll off. So keep score to see who can toss and keep their rubber chicken on the target!

4. Fishing Game

Help residents improve their hand-eye coordination while having fun playing a fishing game. To play, provide six residents with fishing rods to see how many fish they can hook on their plastic hooks. Keep tally of everyone’s score, and have your top three fishermen or fisherwomen compete to see who takes top prize.

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5. Inflatable Bowling

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Encourage residents to play a unique game of bowling using an inflatable bowling game. Simply inflate the jumbo bowling set and have residents see how many pins they can knock down with the oversized ball. This game makes it easy for everyone to be a winner.

6. Dice Roll

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Use inflatable dice to play a dice-throwing game with residents. To play, allow each resident three turns to see whether they can roll doubles. Once residents roll doubles, give them that score (i.e., if they roll double sixes, then they have a total of 12 points). Keep going around the room to see who can accumulate the most points by the end of the activity.

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