DIY Paper Popsicle Craft For Kids

paper popsicle craft

Make adorable paper popsicles using craft sticks and construction paper!

Art Vocabulary:
Landscape: When your paper is longer going from left to right. This is probably how you would turn your paper if you were going to draw the landscape you see outside of your window
Line: An Element of Art created by pen, pencil, or any tool.
Abstract: Art that does not attempt to represent real objects.

paper popsicle supplies


Step 1:
Gather your supplies.

Step 2:
Turn your construction paper to Landscape and fold in half.

popsicle craft

Step 3:
Use your scissors and cut into rectangles. This will be how wide your popsicles will become so if you want to create a double pop, you could make your rectangle a little larger than if you are creating a single pop.

popsicle paper craft

Step 4:
Hold your rectangle piece on the folded end. Starting at the corner of the fold, angle the scissors down to form curved tops.

popsicle craft kids

Step 5:
Repeat on both sides. You now have the shape of your popsicle.

paper crafts

Step 6:
Using any color of construction begin cutting out different shapes and designs to decorate your popsicle. You can create straight lines, curvy lines, zigzag lines. You can cut out circles, triangles, oval or even abstract… anything you wish.

paper crafts for kids

Step 7:
Glue on your pieces. It’s okay if some pieces stick over the edge. You can use your scissors to trim them.

popsicle stick paper craft

Step 8:
Add glue to the top portion of both sides of your craft stick. Then open your popsicle and glue your craft stick inside.

crafts for kids

Step 9:
Keep creating more popsicles. What flavors did you make?

paper popsicles

When you’re finished, you can hang them on a string to decorate your space. You could even create a pretend popsicle stand and use your new creations as pretend food. Have Fun!

popsicle stick craft

We used this for our Camp in a Box event over the summer. Kids had a blast making their own popsicles! I had custom boxes made and all of the materials went in the box along with printed tutorials. We had so many fun themes and activities and it was great for social distance and take-home activities.

paper popsicle craft camp in a box

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