Volleyball Skill Building Activity for PE

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My name is Lindsay Karp, I teach Physical Education and Health at Bret Harte Elementary and A. Russell Knight Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ. Master the Minute Challenges are fun, team orientated, and focused on a variety of skills. My classes worked on a variety of volleyball skills while modifying activities to suit their skill level.



  • Set each net up in different playing areas

Activity Instructions:

**I have large classes, so this can always be modified for smaller classes*

Serves UP!

  • Create teams of 6 per side of net, and have them sit in their own personal space
  • 1 student will start as the server and go to the OPPOSITE side. This student is serving the ball to their team that’s on the opposite side. Teammates must remain seated; their job is to catch the ball in a seated position
  • Once a ball is caught, they then become a server also and go over to the opposite side of the net
  • The first team to get all team members serving and back on their side of the net is the winner.

Students are working on serving to targets/open space.

volleyball activity for pe

Newcomb Volleyball

** This is a culminating activity once all skills are taught and practiced**

  • Create teams of 6 per side of net
  • In similar volleyball fashion, students will rotate during the game
  • 1 student starts as the server, I play that they HAVE to serve the ball underhand to start play
  • Once the ball goes over the net, the other team has two options: 1- bump or set the ball, 2- catch the ball and pass to a teammate
  • If the ball is caught, teams have to make at least 2 passes before they send the ball back over the net
  • If the ball is bumped or set, the ball can go directly back over the net
  • Teams score a point if the ball drops and is not played back over the net
  • Teams play for about 8 minutes, they then play another team

Both of these activities are house favorites at my schools! This was the first year we have the larger volleyball trainers (16 inch) and they made all the difference for my students to be successful! We love them!

lindsay karp pe teacherAbout the Author:

Lindsay Karp is currently an elementary physical education teacher in Cherry Hill, NJ. She received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of South Florida and is currently working on her Master’s degree in School Administration. She loves spending time with her family and friends and is always looking for new ideas for class! Follow her on Twitter @PeMrskarp

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