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featured pe teacher nestor garcia

This week for the #FeaturedPETeacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, is a special foreign PE spotlight on Néstor A. García Peña.

“On a recent visit to Guadalajara, Mexico I met one of the most articulate and moving physical education teachers named Néstor Agustin García Peña.” – Artie Kamiya, Founder of National Physical Education & School Sport Institute.

*The following was translated from Spanish 

About Néstor: 

Néstor A. García Peña is an elementary Physical Education teacher. He teaches a total of 765 students at four different elementary schools in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Néstor has been teaching for 19 years. Below are the 4 schools he teaches at.

  1. Rafael Ochoa Montaño Urb School 368 – Tala, Jalisco, Mexico
  2. Miguel Hidalgo School and Costilla – La Villita in Tala, Jalisco, Mexico
  3. Amado Nervo Ruiseñores School – Tala, Jalisco, Mexico
  4. School José Rolón Alcaraz Ruiseñores – Tala, Jalisco, Mexico

nestor garcia pena pe teacher

Current Lesson Plan/Unit

In Mexico there is a national physical education curriculum. Currently we are working on lessons related to cooperation, leadership and teambuilding. In these lessons our students are learning that physical education is a journey with many possible ways to get the final destination. By acquiring knowledge, developing motor skills, adopting positive attitudes and values, our students begin to recognize the different potentials that lie inside each of us.

PE Focus for 2019

The focus is to develop competence. In our planning, we know that competency is not starting point of the plan, but a point of arrival. This final goal is the result of acquiring knowledge, developing skills, adopting attitudes and creating value through physical education.

Favorite Lesson Plan/Unit

My favorite lessons are those where the students are able to create activities based on the skills they have learned. In other words, lessons where students see and experience their own ways to value their health, their well being and friendly coexistence.

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What is your favorite part of being a PE teacher?

There are two primary reasons why I enjoy teaching.

#1: The students and myself enjoy working towards our annual physical education goals.

#2: Physical education is the most beloved subject at my schools. For example, when I arrive at a classroom the students shout with excitement.

Is there a program, event or something else that you want to highlight related to your physical education program?

As I mentioned before, we promote the basic concepts of a “Healthy Lifestyle” and “Peaceful School Coexistence” within each school. These are two important values that we try to instill in our students at every grade level.

dr nestor garcia

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3 thoughts on “Featured PE Teacher – Néstor A. García Peña

  1. Mr.Garcia is a excellent teacher and great person, he love to teach, he become with great ideas 💡 for the kids to make the class fun. He help me with ideas for exercises for a special kid that I assist, and is absolutely asome how is working. 👍🏻

  2. The concepts taught by Dr. Garcia are wonderful. I would truly like to see some of his ideas/routines with the children he works with. As a site supervisor for after school care at the school I work for, we try to implement as much physical activities as possible that will enhance the children’s outlook on a healthy lifestyle.

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