Jazz Music Themed Process Art – Paper Craft Activity

jazz art theme

I’ve been teaching art summer camps virtually this summer, which has been a new experience for me. The camp I offered was a 4-day virtual camp where each day we focused on a specific genre of music, famous musical artist or composer. I start off by reading a story to the children. Then the children created one art piece that had to do with that genre as well as one music instrument craft.

Here is our art creation for our Jazz genre. It’s pretty basic since it’s Process Art and the children can really create anything they wish. We listened to Jazz music while the children created.

Objective: Creating Process Art while learning about Jazz Music

Materials:process art jazz theme


Step 1: What would Music look like if you could see it? Would it flow across the room, would it zig zag, would it be natural colors or vibrant?

Step 2: Gather your supplies.

Step 3: Tear up your pieces of paper and glue them all around your black construction paper. Add any items that you wish to create your very own Jazz Music Art.

The beauty of this project is that everyone will have a unique picture. There are so many ways for kids to express themselves through art. You can even use a printout of the horn instrument and glue to your paper to imagine the music flowing out from that. You could also draw your own.

jazz craft activity

There is no wrong way to create art – this is all about using your imagination and expressing yourself creatively.

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