June Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our June 2022 Fitness Challenge Calendar is here!

As summer arrives and kids are at home on break, add some physical activity and fun to their day! This printable calendar is a great resource that teachers can share with students and encourage them to do at home. It can also be a part of al camp program!

We teamed up with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation to create this fitness calendar for the month of June 2022. Here is the link to the download, which is a total of 4 pages with visuals:

Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar June 2022

Fitness Challenge Calendar June 2022

Students are challenged each day to participate in the activities listed on the calendar. For June, since it marks the beginning of summer, we encourage kids, their parents, and friends to practice simple fitness exercises during the week and on weekends. 

Each week, the number of repetitions for each fitness exercise increases. Please keep in mind the number of repetitions is meant as a guide, and can be adapted as needed based on age group and skill level.

On Wednesdays, students will refer to Tasks Cards #1 & #2 that have various activities listed on each card. Each of these cards can be done with no equipment or materials, so anyone can participate! The activities include arm and leg exercises, ski jumps, crisscross jumps, knee to elbow, and more.

Motivate Kids to Get Active Outdoors

It is important for kids to stay active during the summer months. Now more than ever, we need to encourage our youth to get outdoors instead of spending so much time inside with technology. On Saturdays, we have a different outdoor exercise or activity listed on this Fitness Calendar, including a Nature Walk and also getting involved in a garden project planting either flowers or seeds in honor of Nation Gardening Week (second week of June). Kids can schedule these activities with family and friends to encourage themselves and others to stay active over the summer. They may decide to start using a walking app like Google Fit and motitor their steps throughout the summer. Start with a mile, and adjust as you go through the month. Plan some fun activites on the hikes or at the park, like an “I Spy” game where kids must spot certain wildlife or plant life you have listed. Or, plan a spot to go bird watching and share some educational facts about their migration habits. Combine nature and physical activity to make it fun!

Task Sheet

Download our printable Fitness Challenge Task Sheet for your participants to fill out each day. They will record what exercises they did and put a check mark in the completed box if they completed the number of reps on the calendar. There is also a self-assessment section which is great for social emotional learning. Kids will circle the emoji that best describes how they felt after doing the exercises. The notes section is a place where they can jot down anything related to the activities, and also a great place to record their hobbies they did each Saturday this month.

Get the printable Task Sheet here.

Fitness Challenge - Task Sheet

Certificate of Completion

Reward your students for completing the Fitness Challenge! View our printable Certificate of Completion below specifically designed for the month of June. It will open up a Word Document with the template – you just have to fill in the names of your students where it says Enter Name Here.

Get the printable Certificate here.

June award 2022

Additional Resources

Here are some great additional resources:

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  1. I work with seniors and the disabled population and this is a great opportunity to get them moving.

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