August Daily Holidays & Observances Printable Calendar

Are you looking to find activity ideas and themed products for your program this summer as kids are attending summer school? Download and print our daily holidays and observances calendar! See the link below for our August Daily Holidays Calendar.

Refer to the calendar when you need inspiration, whether you are planning activities for the entire month for each holiday, or you need last minute ideas. Be sure to visit our Daily Holidays page to find related items that can help you celebrate each observance.

August 2022 Daily Holidays & Observances – Printable Calendar

August 2022 Printable Daily Holidays Calendar

How to Use the Calendar For Your Program

We have listed the daily holidays or observances that fall on each day of the month. Some days have multiple holidays, so you can choose to focus on just one or plan an activity for each one.

For example, August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Plan a fun craft activity where kids decorate a round bisque plate with watermelon colors. August 6th is National Rootbeer Float Day. You can have kids create another craft that day, like these Ice Cream Soda Magnets. In honor of summer camp, you can also celebrate National Smores Day on August 10th, where kids can gather around the campfire and make their favorite chocolate sweets and make a fun DIY smores craft with paper and craft sticks (see calendar for activity details). Your group can also gather around in a circle and talk about their favorite activities of the day.

Watermelon Craft Activity for Summer


You may choose to use the calendar to plan your activities each month and develop themes around each of the days or a combination of days.

The 3rd and 4th week in August includes National Aviation Day and Ride the Wind Day. Teach your group the science behind wind power and also how air can affect many different aspects of our daily life. Plan some activities like kite flying, have them create their own sailboats and have a race to see whose can travel the fastest, or decorate their own glider planes and watch them fly through the wind. For more ideas, view our blog below.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Aviation Day with Senior Residents

Also, the 4th week in August is perfect for a Kindness theme. It includes Thoughtful Thursday and Speak Kind Words Saturday. Encourage your group to participate in some volunteer or community activities, as well as showing their kindess with peers and staff at your summer camp or rec program. We also love the idea of Kindness Rocks, which is a popular worldwide way of spreading happiness and kindness. Have your group decorate rocks and place them around your facility and other community areas.

Spreading Kindness and Positivity Through Art Therapy

Visit our Creating Activities for Kindness page for additional ideas.

Activity Ideas Suggestions

On pages 2 & 3, you will find an activity suggestion for each August daily holiday and observance under the Activity Ideas section.

If you see a URL under the Activity Ideas section, that means the observance is listed on our Daily Holidays page. Visit that link (PDF includes clickable links) to find products and items that would work great for an activity.

We’ve also shared some specific ideas as a guide. For example, August 19th is World Photo Day. Your group can create a photo keepsake for them to capture their best moments at camp. These wood frames are easy to decorate with paint and other craft materials.

DIY Wood Frame Craft for Kids

View more photo crafts here. 

Weekly & Monthly Observances

Our printable calendars also include weekly and monthly observances. For the month of August, there are several weekly and monthly observances. We have shared several links in the calendar download. Be sure to view the printable calendar for the entire list of weekly and monthly holidays.

Monthly Observances:

Weekly Observances

We would love your feedback on how you plan to use the calendar for your program, and if you would like to see any changes in the template. Thanks everyone!

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