Creating Activities for Kindness   


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Kindness at S&S Worldwide


Creating an environment that encourages Kindness and sharing it throughout the larger community is important to us. The support our associates show to one another, as well as the larger community, is what inspires the culture at S&S Worldwide.





We know that happiness, positivity, a smile and generosity is contagious - so why not encourage others to participate in spreading it. Whether you are a summer camp, a local park, school organization, assisted living facility, rehabilitation center, after school organization or healthcare facility, the products and ideas we have listed below can help bring a positive vibe into your community.  The item ideas below are meant to be created by your community and displayed purposefully. Your organization can hang finished creations on trees, place in gardens or planters, decorate a common area or lobby, use on bulletin boards, or use as wearable items.










One of our favorite ideas to encourage a community culture of kindness is to work on a collaborative kit. These projects allow individual creativity and self expression, combined with team work.

A kindness art project lends itself to a wide age group from young children to older adults. Create a kindness quilt, or use our scatter kindness canvas with hearts. Each individual can create their own message and design, to then tie or glue them all up at the end and proudly display.




Collaborative Kits


Diy quilts art project







Inspirational Messages to Brighten the Day



Encouraging messages and a reminder to be positive throughout the day can have an impact on your community. We've gathered a few of our favorite suggestions for you that are affordable and easy ways for individuals to express their kindness artistically and share with others to build a positive environment.


Write messages and color on our wood pendants or string your fuse bead creations to create a hanging ornament (which won't melt in the sun), then hang them on trees or plants in your community for others to enjoy. Doodle a fun quote on a post-it note and leave them in a lobby, hallway, or common area.  Have a walkway or path? Make it a kindness path and use our sidewalk chalk to deliver inspirational messages. 








Spread the love, happiness, and joy throughout the community by decorating your own kindness rocks with inspirational messages. Place them around your local community to help spread the message to others, and make someone's day.






Diy quilts art project







Wearable Positivity


Put a smile on everyone's face that
you cross paths with that day.  
Whether it be an Emoji design, a
word like "SMILE" or a favorite
happy quote; you have the
opportunity to really bring
out the best in someone's day by
carrying your positive messaging with you.








Spread PEACE


Get creative together as you spread PEACE and Kindness with participants in this art project. Our IMAGINE PEACE Velvet Art Kit is perfect for a colorful reminder of how participants can create a peaceful and caring environment. 

Give & Receive Compliments


It feels just as good to give a compliment as it does to receive one. Which is why these craft sticks are perfect for creating a community compliment jar. Encourage members, students or residents to write compliments on these colorful craft sticks to place in a jar, as
well as take one when they need to brighten their day.







Although it may be immeasurable, every small act of kindness has the ability to create a rippling effect. Everyone we meet has their own struggle and their own story, but brightening their day with a piece of art, a smile, a note or gift can go such a long way. Encouraging individuals within your community to support and help others will create a strong, positive environment for everyone.  We have grouped together our favorite items below that individuals can use to add their personalization to and give to a new friend.







With inspirational sayings like Be Awesome, Make Every Day Count, and Believe in Yourself - these resist art watercolor messages have colorful power packed behind their positive vibe. These are perfect to place in a picture frame and hang on the wall to help as a daily reminder to stay positive and have confidence.




Watercolor Gold
Resist Art Prints


Diy quilts art project









What better way to show someone you're thinking about them that lasts longer than a smile, than a bracelet built with love! We have dozens of beads to choose from, but these are a few of our favorites that fit along right with our Kindness theme.
































Coloring with a Purpose



Coloring is fun and relaxing, but there is something special behind coloring to give.  Although we have hundreds of items to color and paint in our Velvet Art and Color Me product lines, we love the featured items below. Our Velvet Art To Go allows for Kindness On-the-Go. There are Velvet Art images on one side and an area to write a quote and leave your name on the back.  Both our Good Vibes Craft Kit cards and our Greetings Cards are perfect to help make someone's birthday special, wish them well, congratulate them, celebrate something or just because. Then of course our Color Me Blank Puzzles. We love writing inspiring quotes on these with bold colors so that the puzzle maker can smile when they read the special note we've left them.



































Give a Flower with Power



It feels just as good to give a compliment as it does to receive one. Which is why these craft sticks are perfect for creating a community compliment jar. Encourage members, students or residents to write compliments on these colorful craft sticks to place in a jar, as well as take one when they need to brighten their day.





































Whether it is a local charity, a family or individual that needs support or a national non-profit organization - encouraging those in your program and community to give back is important. There are many ways to raise funds and help out, regardless of age or ability.  We have listed some ideas below as well as some Fundraising Start Up Kits and Necessities for raffles and events.




Lemonade Stand

Bake Sale


Game Night


Sports Tournament

                   Color Run (Free Download Guide)




                Crafts for a Cause


                Putting Contest

Car Wash






Paint Night






Double Roll Tickets
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Prize Drop Game
Knock Down Cans
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