7 Feather Crafts & Designs for DIY Lovers

Feather crafts are trending! We’ve shared 5 of our favorite craft activities: quill feathers, dreamcatchers, watercolor, ornaments, plus DIY designs for your journal or canvas.

White Quill Feathers

feather craft

gold feathers

We have these white feathers in two sizes, small duck quill feathers and the longer quill feathers. We colored them with Crayola markers, then brushed them with water to blend the color onto the feathers. Let it dry, then you can add some details with fine point markers. You can also add sticky gems. You can also make gold dipped feathers and use them to create a DIY dream catcher mobile like the one above from the blog Honest to Nod. You can also find several options on Pinterest.

Feather Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher feather

Our Feather Dreamcatcher Collaborative Craft Kit is a great project for afterschool and recreational programs. Work together to create an artistic version of a dreamcatcher! Paint each feather with water-base oil pastels, which look like watercolors when brushed with water. Layer the die cut printed feathers on the wreath base, then add a center string art design and finish by hanging string of feathers.

Inspirational Feather Art


Our new Paint Palette craft features an inspirational saying, be yourself, and a feather. Use the watercolor palette included right on the sheet to paint, and have fun with blending colors. When you are happy with your design, trim off the palette and frame your artwork! This is a convenient way to create a beautiful watercolor painting with a positive message.

Wood Mandala Dreamcatcher Kit

wood dreamcatcher craft kit wood dreamcatchers
Our wood mandala inspired dreamcatchers feature hanging feathers! The kit comes with 2 each of 6 mandala inspired designs, combined with 3 different feather shapes. Use watercolor paint or acrylic paints to decorate, then use the included jute and bead to assemble.

Craft Packs with Feathers

Velvet Art Everyday Ornaments

feather ornaments

These feather ornaments come in a pack with 5 other styles, including a flower, hot air balloon, heart, and bird. Color them with markers, crayons, or colored pencils and add glitter or gems! Each velvet ornament is die-cut from thick chipboard and is printed on both sides. The pre-punched hole allows you to hang it up afterwards with ribbon or yarn.

Watercolor Art Starters

feather art starters

feathers art craft

Our Watercolor Art Starters come in a pack with 6 each of 4 designs, including feathers, shells, flowers, and ice cream. This is a great way for beginners to experience the fun of watercolor painting. The designs are lightly printed on the watercolor paper in gray ink, so you can use that as a guide. View the tutorial and tips here.

DIY Feather Drawings

feather designs

Get even more crafty by drawing or painting your own feathers on journals, canvas panels, tote bags, or some of our Color-Me™ items. Below is an example of a feather drawn with gel pens on a journal.

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  1. Feather crafts are trending! that’s for sure…

    Specially at this time of lock-down, the kids can create wonderful, through-full crafts at home using plus DIY designs for their journal or canvas.

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