Music Crafts For Kids – How To Make Your Own Instrument

music crafts for kids

Make some noise with these awesome music crafts! From drums to maracas, there’s a musical craft or activity out there for everyone. We love the idea of adding a music theme to any program. It allows kids to express themselves through sound and rythm. These activities can also be used for auditory sensory stimulation or as an emotional expression for social emotional learning (SEL). Plan a talent show for camp where kids can show off their musical abilities!


All of these crafts are fully functional as instruments after decorating!

Make A Drum Craft Kit

This Make A Drum Craft Kit assembles easily and then can be decorated with the included markers and more! Perfect for kids to create simple rhythms and beats!

make a drum craft kit

music theme drum

Bell Tambourine Craft Kit

Listen to the soft sounds of bells when this Bell Tambourine is shaken. Perfect for most music activities! A curved wood handle is decorated with all-purpose markers. Simple assembly includes looping the bells on the colorful ribbons and threading/knotting those on the handle.

bell tambourine

music crafts tambourine

Wooden Maracas

Your group can shake things up with wooden maracas! If you need all of the supplies included, this Wooden Maraca Craft Kit comes with acrylic paint, brushes, and instructions. Paint them with festive designs!

music crafts maraccas

Make Some Music Easy Pack

We love easy packs because they make it simple to plan an entire theme! This cultural, musical, mega-value Make Some Music Easy Pack comes with 3 kits (24 of each) for a total of 72 projects, with all materials included. The pack comes with the harp, maracas, and rythm drum.

music activities kids

Craft Activities

Groovy Scratch Guitars Craft Kit

Scratch rockin’ designs off assorted acoustic and electric guitars. This guitar crat kit includes reusable scratch tools. Finished sizes are between 7″ to 9″L.

guitar scratch art

Paint by Sticker® Book: Music Icons

This Paint by Sticker® Book is a compelling activity for crafters and artists. Each Paint by Sticker® book includes everything you need to create twelve vibrant, full-color “paintings” with an almost 3D effect! This is a great inclusive activity if members of your group are unable to play an instrument.

paint by sticker book

EduCraft® Rhythm Drum Craft Kit – coming soon!

A colorful and fun project to add to your music theme. Simply twirl the finished Rhythm Drum Craft Kits to make them beat. Includes wood dowels, non-toxic glue, fluff feathers, cardboard tubes, colored masking tape, jute, acetate circles, plastic beads and a FREE EduCraft® Guide with instructions!

rhythm drum craft kit

Make-A-MandoHarp Craft Kit – coming soon!

This Make-A-MandoHarp kit makes it easy to create soothing music! Includes precut cardboard harps, markers, rubber bands and dowels.

make a mandroharp

harp music craft

Let your participants know that anyone can be included by presenting some additional DIY options. Turn it into a makerspace activity by providing your group with several craft items and have them make their own instruments.

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