Crafts That Make Great Bingo Prizes For Senior Residents

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Need more bingo prizes? Then consider planning craft activities where you can donate a few of the crafts to your bingo prize bin. To ensure that your residents will want the crafts as bingo prizes, be sure to find craft ideas that residents can use for themselves, for storage, or for their apartments.

For Themselves

Have fun with residents as you assist them with crafting accessories and items that your bingo-playing residents would love to win for themselves. For instance, set up decorating crafts where residents can use markers and paint to design sun visors, umbrellas, and even greeting cards.

In addition, put your crafters’ skills to the test to assemble and decorate pendant necklaces, change purses, and key chains.

For Storage

Be sure to add in craft activities where residents can assemble handy bags and boxes for your bingo-winning residents to use as storage. For example, provide trinket boxes for your Craft Club to decorate with paint or tile and grout. Additionally, use markers to decorate cosmetic bags and wheelchair bags.

For Their Apartments

Don’t forget about your residents’ rooms and apartments when thinking about craft ideas. Provide your crafters with several items that can be easily assembled, like flower door wreaths and air freshener kits.

Also, schedule crafts that allow your most artistic residents to showcase their abilities through decoration of flower vases, ceramic mugs, coasters, aprons, and paddle fans.

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