How to Make a Kazoo – DIY Musical Craft Activity

DIY Kazoo craft

Your group can create a DIY kazoo with just a few materials! This is a fun musical and interactive craft for kids. Combine this craft activity with a lesson plan on music and instruments. This sounds like a kazoo because of the vibrations from the rubber band that creates the sound. So you can also use this as a lesson on sounds!


materials for kazoo craft


Step 1: Attach the large rubber band down the center lengthwise of the craft stick.

Step 2: Put both craft sticks together. Wrap the small (loom) band on one end. Slip the precut straw in between the craft sticks so it’s close t the small band.

Step 3: On the other end of the craft sticks, insert the other precut straw between the two sticks at about the same distance as the other end.

Step 4: Wrap the other small (loom) band on that end. You now have create your DIY instrument.

Step 5: Holding the ends, blow through the craft stick. This will cause the large rubber band to vibrate, creating sound waves you can hear.

kazoo music craft

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