12 Resources for Bullying Awareness & Prevention

It is important to introduce and reinforce bullying prevention through engagement in classrooms, after school programs and other youth organizations during the entire year. October has been recognized as National Bullying Prevention Month, to specifically highlight this growing issue during the entire month. We’ve shared ideas to support your anti-bullying efforts, including helpful tips and activities for raising awareness, bullying prevention ideas, and ways to spread kindness.

Find additional ideas and products to support your Bullying Prevention program here.

Everyone Fits In Here – DIY Puzzle Activity for Inclusive Fun

Spreading the message that everyone fits in and is accepted is an important part of any program, whether you are working with children or young adults. This DIY puzzle idea is a great way for you to let your group … Read More



5 Tips for Incorporating Social Emotional Learning in Your Program

As educators and youth development leaders, some of the most important things we can teach to the kids we work with are learning how to manage emotions and interact with others. Social emotional learning (SEL) addresses children’s ability to learn … Read More



Bucket Filler Bulletin Board for the Classroom

Bucket Filling is a social emotional and character building practice that is taking place in classrooms and early education programs all over. Playing off of the golden rule “To treat others the way you want to be treated”, bucket filling is fun for kids … Read More



Anti-Bullying Craft Activity – Empowering Kids to Advocate for A Cause

Bullying Prevention Month in October is the perfect opportunity to teach children the importance of not only being aware and empathetic of social issues like bullying, but also the importance of advocating for them. Whether you are a teacher, afterschool … Read More



Bullying Prevention Using Dramatic & Cooperative Play

Bullying Prevention Month is a campaign that is truly important to me and the entire S&S team. I genuinely enjoy coming up with new and creative ways that kids can use our products to gain a greater understanding of what … Read More



Spreading Kindness in the Colchester Community

As a part of the Colchester Connecticut community, S&S is proud to highlight the efforts of a small group right here in our town. Michelle Noehren shares the efforts of a group called Colchester is Kind. It’s so easy to spread … Read More



Using Banners to Raise Awareness in Schools

Our customers have some great ideas on how to use our products for their classroom, after school program, craft program, or at home. We love to share these ideas and hope to inspire others to create their own!  Cynthia from … Read More



Collaborative Bullying Prevention Activities

In order to prevent bullying in your classrooms and communities, you need to actively get children involved and engaged in anti-bullying activities, games, and crafts. In addition to our 7 Tips to Help You Prevent Bullying, we’ve listed some … Read More



Superhero Theme for Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. It’s a time when parents, educators, and their community work together to raise awareness about bullying, and the negative impact it has on students. Since children are inspired by their favorite superhero, this is … Read More



Buddy Bench for Bully Awareness

In October, S&S donated a Buddy Bench to the Colchester Elementary School in honor of Bully Prevention month. We wanted to continue spreading awareness by sharing the meaning behind the Buddy Bench, and acknowledging that friendship can be encouraged throughout the … Read More



Preventing Bullying with the Toss-n-Talk About Ball

A few years ago, I spent some time volunteering with a local Girl Scout Troop. The six girls within the troop were in 4th and 5th grade at the time. As the year progressed, the troop leader and I recognized … Read More



7 Tips to Help You Prevent Bullying!

October is Bullying Prevention Month. Although bully prevention should be practiced all year round, we bring awareness to it during this particular month. Here at S&S, our commitment is not just to provide products that encompass creativity, happiness, physical wellness, … Read More



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