Anti-Bullying Craft Activity – Empowering Kids to Advocate for A Cause

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Bullying Prevention Month in October is the perfect opportunity to teach children the importance of not only being aware and empathetic of social issues like bullying, but also the importance of advocating for them. Whether you are a teacher, afterschool professional, or any other program dealing with youth or teens, the topic is important to discuss.

There are many great projects, curriculums and programs to highlight bullying prevention that can help explain to children types of bullying, how to identify when someone is being bullied, and what they can try to do when they encounter it. Most certainly, these are invaluable lessons and teaching our children to be kind, tolerant and empathetic are social skills that will have positive results for them and those around them throughout their lives.

Our Color-Me™ Flags can be used for a fun and easy project for the kids to create and implement. The overall project can be adjusted to be appropriate for almost any age. The flags come in a pack of 12 so it’s perfect for a group activity. The great thing about our Color-Me™ products is they are a blank canvas and can be used for any theme. The flags are 4″ x 6″ flags can be decorated with markers, paint, stickers, and other simple craft materials. See the list below for some recommendations!

bullying prevention flag

Suggested Materials:

Here are some ways to use this craft activity for your Bullying Prevention Program:

  • Challenge the children to brainstorm, research, and design slogans that support their cause. Use these ideas and slogans to design flags, like Be Kind, Be a Friend, Stand Up, No Bully Zone, Peace Maker, and Accept and Respect.
  • Hold a march letting the children parade around displaying their flags. The march can be orchestrated at a class level and be paraded to the school. To implement as a school wide event each student can design an individual flag or each class can be asked to create a banner.
  • Partner with local community leaders or invite the local newspaper to help share the idea.
  • Children can also write about why their cause is important and why supporting and promoting meaningful causes is necessary and impactful.

Empower your children to be a bully prevention advocate or an advocate for causes that are important to them. Learning and taking part in basic collaboration skills like the sharing and communication of ideas helps foster teamwork and leadership. By helping spread the word and making others aware, children can master the idea that one voice can make a difference but together many voices can make a change.

bullying prevention with flags

To reinforce these programs and further develop the social and emotional skill sets, it is important to not only talk to and teach children about social issues like bullying, but also to encourage and create opportunities where they can participate in activities and events in which their actions have a positive impact on others.

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Submitted by: Denise Carter, Product Manager at S&S Worldwide

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