Everyone Fits In Here – DIY Puzzle Activity for Inclusive Fun

Spreading the message that everyone fits in and is accepted is an important part of any program, whether you are working with children or young adults. This DIY puzzle idea is a great way for you to let your group know that each of them individually is unique, and that they can all come together to form one big unit or team.

You can use this craft activity as a part of your lesson plan for bully prevention, or as a tool for developing social emotional learning skills. Spread awareness about bullying, and promote kindness and friendship. This puzzle is very simple to make, but reflects a big message!

DIY “Everyone Fits In Here” Puzzle


Everyone Fits in Here Puzzle

Each of our blank puzzles come with 12 pieces. Use markers to color in the pieces. Then glue on different sized wiggly eyes and add silly faces! You may choose to have each person in your group design one puzzle piece. If you are working with a large group, you can use a larger puzzle, or have them break into smaller groups so each child has a puzzle piece to design.

To keep the puzzle together, you can use duct tape on the back as we did, or glue it to the cardboard piece that comes with each puzzle to make it even more sturdy. We also added a “sign” at the top with poster board. You can use any heavy card stock for this, we just liked the neon colors in our poster pack! Write the message you want to portray in permanent marker. Then duct tape two craft sticks to the back of the puzzle and to the poster board. You can also add some string or jute at the top to hang it up!

Get Inspired By Others

Teachers have also used this concept to inspire their own projects, like a Welcome Bulletin Board to create a sense of community in the classrom, or a No Bully Zone poster to raise awareness One crafter even used construction colorful construction paper and glitter to recreate the image. Check out the pin on Pinterest!

“I love this idea, it so creative and fun! I love that it’s kind of silly! I want all of my future students to know that they are important and that they belong in our class, that’s why I love this idea.” – Audrey Thalman

“Everyone fits in perfectly on our TEAM.” – David Thompson

everyone fits in welcome bulletin board

Julia Deans, Pinterest

No Bully zone poster

Charmaine Jackson, Pinterest

inclusive DIY activity

Christina Wood, Pinterest

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