Spreading Kindness In Your Local Community

spreading Kindness

As a part of the Colchester Connecticut community, S&S is proud to highlight the efforts of a small group right here in our town. Michelle Noehren shares the efforts of a group called Colchester is Kind.

It’s so easy to spread kindness, and it doesn’t require any money. Small, every day actions, like smiling at people you meet, asking people how they are and really wanting to know, saying something encouraging to a friend or child or volunteering to help an organization you care about all have the potential to make a lasting impact.

Colchester is Kind was created with the goal of building a stronger sense of community by spreading messages of kindness and compassion around the town. Within the first month of the groups’ creation, members gathered at the library for a kindness rock painting get together which included a kindness-themed story time for children.

colchester kindness

Everything Colchester is Kind does centers around one shared belief – that kindness brings people together and has the power to change lives. During the past several years, the group decorated thousands of kindness rocks which have been placed around town, worked with a local school to post positive post it notes on students lockers, created a kindness rock garden at the elementary school, started a kindness mail initiative, decorated holiday cards for kids at the children’s hospital and so much more.

kindness rocks craft

S&S has this river rocks pack that comes with 24 decorative rocks to decorate, as well as this craft kit which comes with enough assorted stones to make 48 projects. The rocks have a polished finish and will vary in shape, size, and color.

The concept of spreading kindness has become worldwide, and especially important in raising awareness that we must work together to create a positive world. Whether it’s a small group like Colchester is Kind, a larger group like The Kindness Rocks Project, or a company like S&S Worldwide that carries collaborative and inspirational products, we can all help bring people and communities together.

kindness rocks for community

For more information about Colchester is Kind visit their website at https://colchesteriskind.com 

Plus, find more kindness activity ideas from the Creating Activities for Kindness page at S&S Worldwide.

kindnessAbout the Author: Michelle Noehren is the founder of Colchester is Kind. She believes in equality, kindness and compassion and tries to let those beliefs guide her daily life.

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