Card-io Pick Up Activity for PE

A simple game with lots of running! I have emphasized Cardio and the Heart Muscle with my classes this year and they loved it! It could also be used as a warm-up or instant activity.



Place shuffled decks of cards at one of the gym with cones in line with the decks of cards at the opposite end of the gym. One Hula Hoop can be placed next to each cone (this is where my class arranges the cards to keep it more organized). Divide the class into teams and have teams stand behind each cone. Assign a card suit to each team (if you have more than 4 teams you will have to double up on certain suits).



1) On the teacher command, the first student in each line races to the other end of the gym and flips the first card on the pile over.
2) If the card matches their team’s suit they bring the card back and place it inside the hoop.
3) If the card does not match it can be discarded in a pile to the side of the deck.
4) The next student in line cannot leave the cone until they get a high-5 from their teammate running back.
5) If a student draws a Joker they must complete 5 exercises of their choice before returning to their team.
6) The first team to have all 13 cards in order from Ace to King and sitting in line behind their cone wins.

About the Author:

Madalyn Vaudrin is currently an elementary physical education teacher in Casselton, ND. She received  Bachelor of Science degrees in Health Education and Physical Education at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She is also certified to teach Developmental Adapted Physical Education. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends in family. Follower her on Twitter @PeMissV

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  1. Though, I saw a video link space – my computer did not show an access to a video. Would you be able to post the link in comments? I’m a better visual learner! And I must adapt everything down into a smaller activity room space; aka = No gym.

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