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preschool craft

We introduced the Preschool Art Exploration Craft Kit to a small group of our three-year old children here at Cathy’s Nursery School in Glastonbury, CT. Prior to handing them the sticky frames, we arrayed the collage materials on the table. The kit included colorful plastic buttons, strands of yarn, strips of tissue paper, large pompoms, and a myriad of other paper and plastic items. The children enjoyed touching and talking about the various materials: the shapes, textures and colors. A fun sensory experience!

Once we gave them the sticky frames they immediately got to work, selecting their favorite supplies. It was interesting to watch each child create their own masterpiece. Some were very selective and artistic, others just piled it on. Once they filled the sticky space on their cards, they continued to play with the materials on the table. This was a very nice and age-appropriate activity. 

The kit comes with 12 different peel and stick animals, like elephants, zebras, ladybugs, cats, and dogs. It also comes wtih 12 peel and stick frames with themes like jungle and farm. The children loved the animals!

preschool craft

Since I introduced this originally to a small group, I had supplies left the next day for my four-year-old class. Just as the day before they enjoyed touching all the textures and creating their own unique works of art. I love how none of the projects looked alike, everyone could create individualized collages based on their interests. Also, since they were adding craft materials to peel and stick cardstock, there was no need for glue, tape, scissors or paint. This also allowed children of all abilities to enjoy without frustration.

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Later in the day we had some collage materials left, and the children loved using them for their play doh sculptures! They created 4 leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day, and other fun shapes.

preschool art

More Preschool Art Activity Ideas:

  • Preschool Painter Easy Pack – a huge collection of stamping and painting tools, plus 3 kinds of brushes for small hands
  • Play-Doh® Tools Assorted Schoolpack – a total of 100 pieces, including number and letter stamp sets, assorted cutters and stamp shapes, knives, rollers, extruders, presses and scissors. Great for teaching fine motor skills and creative thinking.
  • Play-Doh® Modeling Compound Schoolpack – a pack of 48 that includes 6 three-ounce cans each of 8 different bright colors. Keep hands and minds busy!
  • Color-Me™ All About Me Book – kids can tell their own unique stories with this kid-shaped book featuring 5 accordion-folded pages that students can use for writing and drawing.

Submitted by: Judith Moriarty, Head Teacher at Cathy’s Nursery School, Glastonbury, CT.

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