Torn Paper Art and Writing Lesson for Elementary School

torn paper art lesson

Objective: To inspire children’s writing through the use of textured torn paper and collage

Age: 6+

Time: 30-45 minutes (writing varies) Grades: 1st +


Lesson for Torn Paper Art

1. Allow your students to choose the topic they want to create. For this example, you will see an example of a winter themed snowman and a snail in the grass.
2. Choose the color paper you want as a background.
3. Choose the different color paper you want to use to create your picture.
4. Tear the colors slowly into various shapes to represent the topic/ setting or habitat.
5. Glue pieces into place carefully.

Note: If you tear paper quickly and narrowly, you will enable the paper to curl. Allow them to practice if needed. Remember, no scissors!


Decide the focus of your writing lesson. The point of using visual imagery is to create an inspired motivation for your students to create before their writing occurs. Allow your students to create and orally present their writing. Perhaps you can assess for presentation skills and/or comprehension of subject matter. Create a checklist of various objectives or skills you are looking for and be sure to make the students aware of your expectations.

torn paper art

Other Ways to Use This Lesson:

Encourage the children to write about their creation. Add their visual to a larger piece of paper and create a frame. Have children write descriptive phrases, poetry or vocabulary to enhance the subject, ie. (adjectives, nouns, plural nouns, verbs, or adverbs). Try a retell of a story, a descriptive paragraph, research facts or riddles. Be as creative as possible!

About the Author:

Kim WaltmireKim Waltmire is a state and national award-winning educator. She holds an honorary seat with the 2006 USA Today All-Star Teacher team. Kim is a graduate from CCSU with a Masters in Early Childhood Education. She published a writing & literacy book; Picturesque Writing, now self-published as The Art of Visual Writing for elementary teachers K-5. Kim also published a Read-Along Series for primary grades, coupled with spelling, grammar, science and social studies lessons for k-12 with a home-school company. Her writing and Project Based Learning strategies were recognized and published in the Creative Classroom Teacher’s magazine; May/June 1998 issue. She was recognized for her educational contributions and Project Based Learning by Oprah Winfrey, interviewed on CNN, Fox News, and honored by the CT State Governor several times. Kim has taught elementary school for 28 years and presently an Educational Literacy Consultant. Kim’s passion is teaching writing literacy for all learning styles.

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