Lily Pad Launch PE Activity

lilly pad launch

This PE activity is called Lily Pad Launch. I like this game because students are using equipment that is unfamiliar to them. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn a new skill. It also works well for students to be able to work together, take turns, and use equipment safely and properly. Students enjoy launching frogs across the gym! Ravenwood Elementary

Skills: Cooperation/Sharing Equipment/Using a long-handled implement/Lacrosse Throwing

Grade: K-5


Instructional Video:

Video of Students Playing Lily Pad Launch

Lilly Pad Launch Description


You will have 6 teams for this activity, and each team will have a lacrosse stick, 2 bean bag items, and a cone at their team space. Teams will be lined up on one end of the gym in 6 different groups. On the other end of the gym, you’ll spread out all of the poly spots along the floor.

How to Play

When playing this game, I will start out by teaching the throwing form/technique with a lacrosse stick. We talk about the grip and hand placement, the throw, and comparing it to a catapult launch. I also emphasize space and safety while throwing so students do not get hit by a lacrosse stick. Divide the class into 6 teams.

The first person in line will use the lacrosse stick to throw their bean bag item across the gym. They are attempting to land their bean bags on the poly spots. Students will take 2 throws for their turn. After both throws, the student will run down to retrieve their 2 bean bags. If a bean bag lands on a poly spot, they can retrieve it and bring it back to their team cone. Game will continue for the duration of the class or until all poly spots have been collected. Teams can add up their poly spots at the end to see who landed the most!


For the younger grades, I will move the cones that they are throwing from closer to their lily pad targets. For the older grades, I give different types of poly spots different point values.  Small spots being 3 points, medium spots 2, and large spots 1 point. You can also do a similar type of game using throwing or striking too depending on what skill you are teaching.

matt barrows pe teacherAbout the Author:

My name is Matt Barrows. I am a Physical Education Teacher at Ravenwood Elementary in the North Kansas City School District. I have been teaching PE for 12 years now. I strive on giving students positive choice activities in PE, and try to make fitness fun for everyone at an early age! In my 12 years of teaching, I have been selected to our district Teaching Honor Cadre twice.  I was awarded with the MOSHAPE Kansas City PE Teacher of the Year in 2020. I completed our district’s Superintendents Leadership Institute in 2022. I’ve also written and been awarded several grants to help benefit our students, including Project Fit America, Kahler Grant for climbing additions, and ESPN for a climbing wall. I want to continue to provide amazing opportunities for our students to keep them engaged in health and wellness!

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