Movement Concept Stations for PE Grades K-5

movement concept stations climbing wall

School: Ravenwood Elementary

Activity: Movement Concepts Stations

Skills: Locomotor Movements, Pathways, Levels, Speeds, Balance, Dancing

Grade: K-5

Movement Concepts Description

This is a stations based activity where students work on different types of body movement.  We utilize lots of equipment in the gym that is all movement focused.

I set up all of these items throughout the gym, but place similar items together.  You can use items that you have that are more movement based.  I have a corner that is used for balance items, a corner that is speed/agility, a corner for everything with wheels, an area for the Nintendo wii, and the rock wall that is already in place.

Students will spend some time at each station using the items that are within that area.  Each area has a focus listed, but students can choose the objects within that area to work on.

Wheeled Objects

When students are in the station with wheeled objects, they are working on moving in general space safely. I use Razor scooters, floor scooters, tricycles, EZ rollers and other items with wheels. This gives students several different options to try out.


movement concept stations 2

Rock Wall

The rock wall area is focusing on movement pathways as well as levels such as low, medium, and high.


movement concept stations climbing wall 2

For the speed and agility corner, I have agility cones that students can use for quick direction change and pathways.


I also use the speed parachute and a timer for students to understand speed with and without the parachute.  They use the timer to see how fast they can run down and back across the gym.  They do this with and without the parachute to compare times.


movement concept stations 1


In my balance corner, I use objects like balance boards, spooner boards, spinning items, pogo sticks, and other items that students can choose to use work on their balance and stability.


movement concept stations 4

The last area, I have a Nintendo Wii set up with dancing games so students can hit the dancing standards too in a fun way!

  • Nintendo Wii

movement concept stations 3

When doing these stations, I have students stay in those stations for a certain time frame that they can work on all of those movement skills in that area of their choosing.  I love doing these stations because there are so many different movement skills that you can work on in a short time frame.  Students love having choice within each area, because they can work on those things that they really enjoy, or do the things that challenge them!

matt barrows pe teacherAbout the Author:

My name is Matt Barrows.  I am a Physical Education Teacher at Ravenwood Elementary in the North Kansas City School District.  I have been teaching PE for 12 years now.  I strive on giving students positive choice activities in PE, and try to make fitness fun for everyone at an early age!  In my 12 years of teaching, I have been selected to our district Teaching Honor Cadre twice.  I was awarded with the MOSHAPE Kansas City PE Teacher of the Year in 2020.  I completed our district’s Superintendents Leadership Institute in 2022.  I’ve also written and been awarded several grants to help benefit our students, including Project Fit America, Kahler Grant for climbing additions, and ESPN for a climbing wall.  I want to continue to provide amazing opportunities for our students to keep them engaged in health and wellness!

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