Pin Ball Game for PE Grades 1-6

This activity is called Pin Ball! The game focuses on rolling skills and accuracy as well as defense. Cooperation, communication and sportsmanship are key elements to success. Equipment: Poly spots Bowling pins  Gator Skin balls Pinball Video Game Set-up The … Read More

Movement Concept Stations for PE Grades K-5

School: Ravenwood Elementary Activity: Movement Concepts Stations Skills: Locomotor Movements, Pathways, Levels, Speeds, Balance, Dancing Grade: K-5 Movement Concepts Description This is a stations based activity where students work on different types of body movement.  We utilize lots of equipment … Read More

5 Baseball Game Variations For Physed

Baseball is a great sport to practice with your students. There are many skills they can learn such as throwing and catching. To add a new spin on your usual activities, we’ve shared a few baseball game variations that use … Read More

Topgolf Activity for Physical Education

My name is LaDonda Porter and I would like to share with you a concept that has been three years in the making. This activity was a culminating activity for our golf unit. Students learned putting, chipping, driving and participated … Read More