22 Butterfly Craft Projects & Kits for Groups of Kids and Adults

butterfly crafts for groups

Get creative with these butterfly themed crafts for large groups that allow you to bring a nature theme to your program! Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, growth, and beauty. They’re not only fascinating creatures to observe but also a popular design for crafts, especially during the Spring season! Butterfly crafts can be an excellent way to bring your group together and engage them in a fun, creative activity. Whether it’s a classroom, a scout troop, senior living facility, or summer camp themed activity, our selection of butterfly crafts can be tailored to suit any age group and skill level.

Butterfly crafts can also be a great way to encourage creativity and self-expression. Each individual can personalize their butterfly in their own unique way, and it can be a fun activity to share and compare with others in the group. From simple coloring crafts to more elaborate projects like foil art and sand art, the possibilities are endless. So, let’s spread our wings and get ready to create some beautiful butterfly crafts!

Coloring Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly coloring crafts are a fun and relaxing way to incorporate these beautiful creatures into your group’s craft activities. Coloring butterflies on paper, masks, or butterfly wings, can be a therapeutic and creative activity for all ages. Coloring crafts can also be a great way to promote mindfulness and reduce stress.

Coloring Paper Butterflies Craft Kit

This craft kit comes with markers to decorate large butterfly patterns printed on paper. Includes 4 patterns!

coloring butterflies craft

Provide your group with a variety of coloring materials for the following coloring crafts, such as:

Butterfly Half Masks

butterfly masks craft

Color-Me™ Magic Butterflies

color me butterfly

Color-Me™ Butterfly Stringers

color me butterfly stringers

Color-Me™ Butterfly Wings

color me butterfly wings

Color-Me™ Dragonfly and Butterfly

color me butterfly and dragonfly

Wood Butterfly Crafts

Wood crafts are also a great way to create lasting memories. You can create beautiful butterfly art, like magnets, noteholders, and even a wooden butterfly house. These crafts are not only fun but also practical and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Butterfly Clothespin Magnets Craft Kit

wood butterfly

Unfinished Wood Butterfly Clothespin Noteholder

butterfly clothespin craft

Unfinished Butterfly House

wood butterfly house craft

We also have some fun craft kits that include a butterfly design in each! These pinwheels, wooden friends, and wood chimes all feature spring critters and come with everything you need to decorate.

Watercolor Butterfly Crafts

Watercolor crafts are another beautiful way to incorporate butterflies into your group’s craft activities. You can create stunning watercolor paintings of butterflies, whether it’s paper watercolor pictures to frame, or an educational craft where you dye the wings and learn about metamorphasis.

For beginners, you can use a limited color palette, and experiment with different techniques, such as wet-on-wet or dry brush. For more advanced artists, you can try more intricate color combinations and blending techniques.Watercolor crafts are not only fun and engaging but also provide a great opportunity to learn and practice new skills.

Watercolor Butterflies Craft Kit

watercolor butterflies

Watercolor Velvet Art Butterflies

watercolor paper butterflies

Butterfly Suncatcher Crafts

Another fun idea is suncatcher crafts. You can create colorful and vibrant butterfly suncatchers that can brighten up any window or room. Suncatcher crafts are perfect for all ages and skill levels and can be a great way to add some color and creativity to your group’s day.

Butterfly Mandala Sun Catchers

butterfly mandala

Butterfly Sun Catcher Keychain Craft Kit

butterfly stained glass keychain

Sun Catcher Butterflies

suncatcher butterfly craft

Open-Back Sun Catcher Butterfly

butterfly suncatcher activity

Stain-A-Frame Set – Butterfly Scene

butterfly suncatcher

Velvet Art

Velvet art is a tactile and visually striking way to incorporate butterflies into your group’s craft activities. Velvet art involves a pre-printed design on a velvet-like surface, which is then colored in using markers or other coloring materials. This can be a great way to explore texture and sensory play. These backpacks can be used for camp and at other recreation programs for kids!

Drawstring Bag with Velvet Art Butterfly

velvet art butterfly craft

Butterfly Paint By Number

This rewarding activity is a great introduction to painting for all ages, even beginner artists. Each space contains a number that tells which color to use to create a perfect picture. Bold lines are easy to see and help everyone stay within the lines. Each set includes one textured 9” x 12” printed artist board, 7-non-toxic acrylic paints, paint brush, pre-printed practice sheet and instructions.

Monarch Butterflies Paint By Number

butterfly paint by number

Foil Leaf Butterfly

Foil leaf is a unique and eye-catching way to incorporate butterflies into your group’s craft activities. Foil leaf involves using adhesive to transfer thin sheets of metallic foil onto a pre-printed design, creating a stunning and reflective effect. This kit comes with butterflies and turtles.

Foil Leaf Animals Craft Kit

foil leaf butterfly craft

Color Diffusing Butterflies

Color diffusing paper is a unique and creative craft activity. Color diffusing paper is a type of paper that absorbs watercolor paint, allowing it to spread and create a beautiful watercolor effect. With our butterfly color diffusing paper, you can design 12 each of 4 butterfly shapes. Squirt, spray and splatter intense liquid watercolor or food coloring over the designs. Mist them with water and watch as the colors create fantastic patterns. Perfect for use with our Color Splash!® Liquid Watercolors.

Color Diffusing Paper Butterflies

color diffusing butterflies

Latch Hook Butterfly

Latch hook involves using a special tool to knot short pieces of yarn onto a pre-printed canvas, creating a textured and colorful design. Your group can develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor control with this craft. We love this butterfly themed kit that includes the poly/cotton canvas and precut acrylic rug yarn with easy-to-follow color chart and illustrated instructions. Use the latch hook tool to create works of art!

Butterfly Latch Hook Kit

butterfly latch hook craft

Sand Art Butterfly

Sand art is a unique and visually stunning way to incorporate butterflies into your group’s craft activities. You can create beautiful and intricate butterfly designs by layering colored sand in a bottle. Sand art allows you to experiment with different color combinations and patterns. Sand art can also be a great way to explore texture and sensory play. The feeling of the sand between your fingers and the sound it makes as it’s poured into the container can be a soothing and therapeutic experience.

Flower and Butterfly Sand Art Bottle Assortment

butterfly sand art

Butterfly themed crafts are a fun, relaxing, and customizable way to incorporate these beautiful creatures into your group’s craft activities. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, promote mindfulness, or encourage creativity, butterfly crafts can be a great addition to your group’s day. Bring nature indoors with these fun craft themed ideas!

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