Lily Pad Launch PE Activity

This PE activity is called Lily Pad Launch. I like this game because students are using equipment that is unfamiliar to them. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn a new skill. It also works well for students to … Read More

February Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our 2023 February Fitness Challenge Calendar is here! Use this printable calendar as a resource to share with your students and encourage them to participate in the challenge in school and/or at home with their family. You can use the … Read More

Movement Concept Stations for PE Grades K-5

School: Ravenwood Elementary Activity: Movement Concepts Stations Skills: Locomotor Movements, Pathways, Levels, Speeds, Balance, Dancing Grade: K-5 Movement Concepts Description This is a stations based activity where students work on different types of body movement.  We utilize lots of equipment … Read More

Putt the Rainbow – K-2 PE Golf Activity

This is an activity that I did with my group of Pre-K to 5th grade elementary students in the Springfield Public Schools district in SW Missouri. I created “Putt the Rainbow” to help students get introduced to golf at a … Read More

6 Tips To Bring Out The Super Teacher In You

Being a teacher can be an isolating experience. Often, we do not get the opportunity to connect outside of the beginning of the school year meeting or during professional development courses taken on our own time. Thus, I feel compelled to … Read More