Gold Rush Physed Activity Grades K-5

Gold Rush is a great game to do at the beginning of the year as students are learning to take turns, work together, and follow simple game directions. My name is Matt Barrows from Ravenwood Elementary and this PE activity … Read More

Basketball Bingo & Coloring Printables For Kids

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5 Active Games for Kids to Play with A Ball

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Topgolf Activity for Physical Education

My name is LaDonda Porter and I would like to share with you a concept that has been three years in the making. This activity was a culminating activity for our golf unit. Students learned putting, chipping, driving and participated … Read More

Simon Poly Spot Game for PE

Simon is a fun game to play that incorporates jumping and hopping. Students also get to be creative and make movement patterns for their partners to follow. This game has been a fun way to work on focusing and memory … Read More