July Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our July 2022 Fitness Challenge Calendar is here!

As we dive into summer, use this calendar as a resource for summer camp or to send kids home with over break. This printable calendar is a great way that teachers and recreational professionals can encourage students  to stay active.

We teamed up with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation to create this fitness calendar for the month of July 2022. Here is the link to the download, which is a total of 3 pages with visuals:

Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar July 2022

Fitness Challenge Calendar July 2022

Kids are challenged each day to participate in the activities listed on the calendar. For the month of July, since school is officially out for the summer, we encourage kids their parents, and their friends to all practice simple fitness exercises during the week and on weekends. Teachers can also use the calendars for brain breaks if they are teaching summer school! Some of the exercises include crunches, arm circles, knee raises, and squat jumps.

Each week, the number of repetitions for each fitness exercise increases. Please keep in mind the number of repetitions is meant as a guide, and can be adapted as needed based on age group and skill level.

On Wednesdays, students will refer to the Animal Task Card #1 and the Weather Task Card #2 that have various activities listed on each card. These are fun and interactive activities that allow kids to use their imagination and be creative. For example, the Weather Task Card includes earthquake shaking and jumping up like a volcano eruption. Each of these cards can be done with no props or materials, so anyone can participate! See below for a description of the Weather Task Card. There is no wrong way to do it, just have fun with it!

Weather Descriptions

Earthquake Shaking: Students shake their whole bodies to imitate an earthquake shaking the ground.

Volcano Eruption: Students will start with their knees bent squating on the floor, then jump up fast to imitate lava spewing from a volcano.

Tornado Twisting: Students will twirl around in circles just like a tornado wind creates a spinning funnel of wind.

Hurricane: Students will get their exercise with this one! Run around the room to imitate strong wind blowing over the trees.

Blizzard Skiing: It’s a blizzard but you must get to the other side of the room! Students can pretend to ski and use their ski poles to get through the blizzard storm.

July is National Parks & Recreation Month

For the month of July, we are supporting #NationalParksandRecreationMonth by encouraging kids and families to perform the activities at their local parks. The goal of this monthly observance is to get more people to visit national, state, and city parks. The Tasks Cards can easily be completed at these locations. Make an entire day of it! Kids can have fun pretending to fly like a bird, or be a tornado, and use the open space to run around. On Saturdays, we suggest activities that can also be done at the park, such as playing tennis on the public tennis courts, jogging with a friend, and swimming in the lake. You can even plan on visiting a new park each weekend, and complete the exercises there. Kids can mark on a map which ones they have visited, and what their favorite feature was about each park.

Task Sheet

Download our printable Fitness Challenge Task Sheet for your participants to fill out each day. They will record what exercises they did and put a check mark in the completed box if they completed the number of reps on the calendar. There is also a self-assessment section which is great for social emotional learning. Kids will circle the emoji that best describes how they felt after doing the exercises. The notes section is a place where they can jot down anything related to the activities, and also a great place to record their hobbies they did each Saturday this month.

Get the printable Task Sheet here.

Fitness Challenge - Task Sheet

Certificate of Completion

Reward your students for completing the Fitness Challenge! View our printable Certificate of Completion below specifically designed for the month of July. It will open up a Word Document with the template – you just have to fill in the names of your students where it says Enter Name Here.

Get the printable Certificate here.

July Fitness Challenge Calendar Award 2021

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to help you celebrate National Parks & Rec Month.

We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below!

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  1. Do you have a description of what an earthquake shaking? or tornado twisiting is for the kids? Also do you have an August Version?

  2. LOVE the fitness challenge, but this is for kids or active adults. Do you perchance, have a version for the elderly?

    • Hi Jill – If you click the printable calendar they are on the download. YOu can either choose the link or click on the actual image of the calendar.

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