How to Make a DIY Glowing Rice Sensory Bin

Objective: Creating unique sensory play in unusual ways. This is a fun and colorful activity for kids, and also a great activity for children to help create. The scooping and pouring is fun and encourages development of fine motor skills. 


Step 1:
Scoop out white rice into a baggie, using one baggie for each color you want to create. Of course, we had to create Neon Rainbow colors for our sensory bin. I don’t usually measure, but you can have them measure out two cups of rice for each color. 

Step 2:
Pour in a few drops of paint (you can always add more paint but you don’t need a lot). Securely close the baggie and Shake to mix.

Step 3:
You can unzip the baggie and let the painted rice dry. It won’t take very long. You can also mix it around to dry faster. Then empty into a container or sensory bin to begin playing.

Step 4:
In a dark room, bring out your Blacklight and watch as your rice Glows!

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Randi is the founder of How 2 Play Today. She created this online community to share ideas and help inspire others to create. Randi has always had an interest in child psychology and has been following that passion since she was a kid herself. Over the years, Randi has been capturing adventures of her and her children and sharing these ideas on her website at This helps busy parents and caregivers who want to play more with their kids but need ideas, product suggestions, and a simple guide for activities.

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