DIY Neon Ice Activity – Combining Crafts & Science

Sometimes the coolest results can come from the simplest ingredients. Here is a perfect example of that! How2PlayToday has shared a step-by-step activity on how to make neon ice. It produces some amazing outcomes, but don’t use it to cool your drink!


Prep: Freeze water in a few different containers overnight.


Step 1. 

  • Empty the ice into large containers.
  • Let the children add salt onto the ice blocks.

Discussion: The temperature at which water freezes is 0 Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adding Salt to Ice lowers the freezing temperature of the ice essentially causing the ice to melt at a faster rate than if left at room temperature.  This leaves fun little craters in the ice that can be filled with your Neon Water.

Step 2:  

  • In the small containers of water, drop in some fluorescent paint and mix.
  • Provide the children with pipettes and they can drop the glowing water onto the ice (You can also use a paintbrush).

Step 3:

  • In a dark room, bring out your Blacklight and watch as your Ice Glows!
  • The ice is also fun to feel because of the places where the salt as melted it. Go ahead, touch it and see.

neon ice activity for kids

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Randi How2PlayToday

Randi is the founder of How 2 Play Today. She created this online community to share ideas and help inspire others to create. Randi has always had an interest in child psychology and has been following that passion since she was a kid herself. Over the years, Randi has been capturing adventures of her and her children and sharing these ideas on her website at This helps busy parents and caregivers who want to play more with their kids but need ideas, product suggestions, and a simple guide for activities.

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