Fun Presidents Day Games for Seniors

presidents' day seniorsCelebrate Presidents’ Day on February 18th with senior residents by planning a few presidential games and activities to keep them engaged. They can also show off their historical knowledge and work on their mental and motor skills. Here are a few ideas from to get you started:

One-on-One Games

  • Presidential Memory Challenge – Test your resident’s memory while educating him or her about our nation’s presidents by playing a fun one-on-one presidential memory game. To play, provide a trivia card to your resident for them to review and memorize for 10 seconds. Then take the card away and ask him questions based on what they memorized. Use the enclosed timer to keep track of your resident’s time.
  • Coin Club – Start a two-person coin club with you and your resident as you take out a few state quarters and other coins to examine.

Large-Group Games

  • Name That President Contest – Use trivia cards to list characteristics about various American presidents to see who can correctly identify the president.
  • American Word Search Competition – Make copies of word search puzzles that have an American theme, and challenge residents to be the first to complete their puzzle. This activity works well as a quick filler during times in which residents may be a bit antsy, like in between major activities or right before a meal.

Independent Games

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge – Invite your residents who like to work independently to work a presidential jigsaw puzzle. Simply find a location in your facility to place the jigsaw puzzle and encourage residents to stop by throughout the day to complete a portion of the puzzle.
  • Probability Tally – Set up a table with coins and a tally sheet for interested residents to stop by and flip coins to see how many times out of 100 they get heads. Record the results for residents to compare.

Team Games

  • Log Cabin Challenge – Divide residents into teams to compete to be the first team to construct a log cabin. Supply the teams with single-serve milk cartons, pretzel sticks, and peanut butter. Award a prize to the first team to finish. For a non-food related option, use blocks like these Lincoln Logs for them to build with.
  • Debate Team – Host a fun debate activity in which you pick an interesting topic and invite teams of residents to argue for or against. As a fun way to get the activity started, find out how residents feel about the topic – whether they are for or against – and then have them argue the opposite. So, for example, if you asked residents whether the minimum driving age should be raised from 16 to 18, be sure to have those who agree with the statement to argue against it, and to have those who don’t agree with the statement to argue for it.

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  1. Such a fantastic ideas to keep elders active and warmth. Finally I got some relevant information to spread out with my neighbors. They have their parents living in assisting living apartment at Rochester. Just because of these games they will be having something interesting to do with their parents. Thanks for sharing.

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