How to Plan the Best Football Game Party

football game party ideas

There’s only about a month left until the Big Game, and although it’s not yet decided who’s going to play, we do know some important information – when, where, how you can tune in, and how to make it a game to remember for the kids and adults in your program.

Planning Your Event: Many of you that are planning an event for your residents may not know too much about football. Rest assured, you can still have a very successful event! Keep a few things in mind – a game consists of four 15-minute quarters, plus a half-time performance. Using data from games from 2010 to 2016, the average length is 3 hours and 44 minutes. That means the game would end at roughly 10:14 p.m. EST

Getting Ready for the Big Game


Hype up the event at your program with this decorating kit that includes football centerpieces, cutouts, and tisse paper garland. Use the customizable sign to tell residents and staff when the game starts. You can also create your own welcome message and display information about the event using the number and letter stickers included.

football game party

Healthy Snacks

Good snacks are an essential part of making any football party great! Depending on where you are located (Pacific, Central, or Eastern time zone) will probably rule what type of food you put together. Pacific time clients most likely will need something more substantial as the game will run through typical dinner time. However, some folks watching on the East Coast may only choose simpler special snacks as the game starts post dinner. No matter what time zone you’re in, it’s important to choose foods that everyone can enjoy. Finger foods can generally make things easier for everyone, especially for a quick clean up. But be sure to think through dietary needs, allergies, or if you are working with an older group.

Some favorites are foods that are made to look like little footballs, like deviled eggs, finger sandwiches and even mini pizzas. Round your assortment out with some fresh vegetables and dips. Football themed plates or napkins really spice things up and are a nice way to include those who may be on a more restricted diet! Check out the ideas below from Cooking On The Front Burners, Thirsty for Tea, and Daring Gourmet.

Start a Football Pool

This Football Pool kit comes with ribbons for a winner every quarter. That means a prize winner approximately every 30-40 minutes. It’s a super fun way to keep everyone involved, even those who do not understand the game. Each person marks the boxes with their initials, then the numbers are randomly assigned along the grid. Whoever has the square with the correct score at the end of each quarter wins!

football activities

Dressing For The Event

Once the teams are decided for the Big Game, encourage the kids or adults in your program to pick a team and to wear colors that represent that team. Shirts, sweatshirts, socks, hats, and even blanket throws can all be worn to represent a favorite team. Extra fun can be had in days leading up to the event by having your participants draw team spirit posters or signs and then hang them in the area you are going to hold the event in.

Craft Activities

There are several options for football themed craft projects! These ideas are great for those maybe not to interested in the game itself. This is a fun way to include more of your group in game day festivities.

     Football Fun Helmets          Team Pride Pennants Craft Kit                Sports Wreath Craft Kit

You can also make sports figures using paracord and football beads. This is a great craft for the older children or adults in your program. View the tutorial here.

football activities

Fun Games

Get your group active and in the game spirit with some tossing games! For a less physical game, pass out some sports themed word search puzzles.

                Bounce Football                           Jumbo Inflatable Ring Toss                  Word Search Sports Book


We’d love to hear how you are planning to celebrate the Big Game!

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