April Printable Fitness Challenge Calendar

Our April Fitness Challenge Calendar is here!

We teamed up with the Alliance For A Healthier Generation to create this fitness calendar for the month of April 2018. Here is the link to the download, which is a total of pages with visuals:

Printable Fitness Calendar April 2018

April Fitness Challenge Calendar

Students are challenged each day to participate in the activities listed on the calendar. For April, kids (and parents!) can practice some basic fitness exercises, plus some baseball themed activities in honor of Opening Day. Each week, the number of repetitions for each fitness exercise increases. Please keep in mind the number of repetitions is meant as a guide, and can be adapted as needed based on age group and skill level.

The calendar includes task cards for each challenge, so you can show your students images of the correct way to do the activities.

Opening Day 

On Wednesdays, students will refer to the Baseball Task Card to celebrate the start of baseball season at the end of March into April. Students will do the 5 activities listed on the card, which allow them to practice swinging a bat, pitching with both their dominant and non-dominant hand, throwing, and catching.

As a fun incentive for completing the challenge, give students a novelty item like these foam filled baseballs.

If your students do not have basballs or bats at home, you can still have them act out the activities using their imagination. You can even suggest some items they can use instead to practive swinging at an object, like a balloon and a pool noodle.

We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below!

Check out the latest article from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation called Tips and Resources for Inclusive Physical Activity.

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