Resources for Teaching Personal Space & Social Distance in the Classroom

classroom social distancing

As many three, four and five year olds enter school for the first time, there is a lot to learn about how to be a student in the classroom. Not only are they learning their role as a student, but they are also learning how to be in a setting where they also need to maintain an appropriate distance within the classroom setting. One thing that we teach our young students is how to maintain personal space, and what is an appropriate social distance from their peers in order to remain safe within the classroom. While some children at this age understand what it means to be too close to someone while playing or talking to a peer, others do not and cannot interpret the social cues telling them that they are too close to their peer.

Flat Hoops

By using these Spectrum™ Flat Hoops, teaching personal space can be easy! In our small school setting or within the students’ occupational therapy sessions, we are able to teach kids about staying in their own space or “bubble” and what it means to be in someone else’s bubble. For students who are unable to visualize where their bubble starts and ends, we provided them with rings placed about the classroom setting that provides the children with a designated space to play or learn.These hoops can help the student see their bubble and work with them to make sure they are maintaining personal space while playing, sitting on the rug, and learning within the classroom setting.

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Poly Spot Markers

Spread out these poly spot markers 6 feet apart in your classroom. You can put numbers, letters or even the students name on their designated spot to maintain personal space within your classroom when moving about the room.

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Carpet Squares

These carpet squares can be used in the classroom to help students spread out while completing floor time activities. Each student may be assigned to a designated letter or animal on the floor that is spread out in order to maintain safe social distancing procedures.

social distance classroom

Floor Tape

Floor tape is useful for many things in an educational setting. It can be used in the hallways to visually separate out right and left sides of the hallway for safe social distancing travel amongst students in the hallways. It can also be used to set particular boundaries, create a square or space for kids to sit, and even be used for other activities that can be modified for social distance. View our article on helpful ideas for using floor tape here

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My name is Jennifer and I have had the pleasure of being an Occupational Therapist in a public school for the past 9 years. I have experience working with students ages 3-21 years of age in the school setting working on various skill sets that are individualized to each student. As an occupational therapist, I work in many classrooms and wear many hats to support students within the academic setting.

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