Alphabet Soup Frisbee Activity for PE

frisbee alphabet activityI started this frisbee lesson with my students and turned into an activity called Alphabet Soup. Students throw the frisbee at the target – the center hoop is 2 letters and the outer hoop is 1. Students mark off whichever letters they want. How many words can you make out of the letters you earned?

Grades: 3-5


You will need enough of each of these items in order to accommodate partner groups. My largest class right now is 20, so I needed 10 of each item. I used 2 hula hoops zip tied to a chain link fence in our bus loop. You can also use the basketball hoop rim to hang hula hoops indoors. These connectors and toss targets work great! For a hula hoop alternative try these easy hoops

frisbee alphabet activity 2

Activity Breakdown:

Pair each student with a partner. One partner is the Frisbee thrower and will stand at the small cone placed at an age appropriate distance from the target. The other partner is waiting their turn behind the larger cone which is set up 6 feet behind the small cone. The thrower will then get one throw at the target. If the Frisbee hits inside of the smaller hoop, they get to mark off any 2 letters of the alphabet on their sheet. If the Frisbee hits inside of the larger hoop, they mark off 1 letter of the alphabet on their sheet. If they do not hit either target, they do not get to mark off any letters. After the thrower’s turn, they then switch places with their partner and mark off any letters they earned. Students continue to switch places for about 5 minutes. After this time, the partners work together to come up with as many words as possible using only the letters they earned during the activity.

frisbee activity PE


  • Increase/Decrease target distance
  • Automatically give students 2-3 letters before starting the activity (to ensure they don’t end up with no letters)
  • Change letter/point values for the targets

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julie hudnall PE teacherJulie Hudnall is a Physical Education Teacher at Battlefield Park Elementary School in Mechanicsville, VA. I am currently in my 8th year teaching physical education and LOVE teaching at the elementary level! Our physical education program at BPES strives for incorporating student voice & choice, student ownership in activities, technology use, and pushing curriculum content in fun and creative ways. In 2018 I was named the first ever Hanover County Innovator of the Year for my use innovation within my physical education program. I love to continue looking for innovative ways to cover content within physical education by scouring the briliant physical education minds. @JHudnallPE


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