Diffusing Watercolor Masterpiece

This is the perfect art therapy project. Art therapy is a way of utilizing the creative process of art and also having a low barrier to entry. Art therapy can benefit a wide spectrum of disorders, diseases, and disabilities and can be especially beneficial to anyone who is not able to express themselves using words.

Our Diffusing Water Color Masterpiece project was thought up by our very own Crafty Kate.



Use the permanent markers to sketch out your design directly on to the diffusing paper. We used black marker, but if you want, you could experiment with other colors. The drawing can be quick and abstract, perfection is not the goal here. Think of this as a fun experiment to simply play with materials.


Next pick out a few different colors of paint and dilute them with water. Before opening the watercolor, make sure to protect your work surface with a table cloth or a plastic tray. Also, make sure to wear gloves, because the liquid watercolor paint can stain your skin. Mix using the paint cups and brushes. You will use approximately 1 part water and 2 parts paint. This will help lighten up the tones, as the liquid watercolors are very concentrated. Gently brush on washes of color over your marker design and watch the diffusing magic happen!


Make sure not to use too much watercolor, because the colors could blend together and turn brown! Once you are done, allow your finished masterpiece to lay flat and dry. Once it is completely dry, don’t forget to hang it up on display for the world to see!


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