Top 10 DIY Craft Blog Posts from 2017

Top Craft DIY Blogs

As we head into 2018, we thought we could share with you our top craft blog posts from 2017 to ignite your creativity moving into the new year. From holiday DIY round ups to fun t-shirt making activities, we’re sure you will want to add at least one of these to your crafting list in 2018!

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular DIY Craft Blog Posts of 2017!

  1. How to Make Slime – A Safer Recipe for Kids – Slime was the most popular craft in 2017! Learn a safe way to make slime without using borax.
  2. Sensory Balls – DIY STEAM Activity – A fun sensory activity using balloons and polymer beads
  3. Easy Paper Hyacinth Flowers – use construction paper to make paper flowers in just a few simple steps
  4. Tricks & Tips for Tie Dye – learn tips and techniques on how to tie dye, plus watch the step by step video
  5. How to Make DIY Galaxy Shirts – create your own shirt that is out of this world! A great group craft for summer camp
  6. How to Make Prayer Jars – a religious craft activity that helps teach kids the meaning of prayer and can be used as a Bible lesson
  7. Top 10 DIY Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids – simple DIY craft ideas for kids to make for their Moms on this special day
  8. Top 10 Halloween Crafts for Kids – make ghosts, pumpkins, and more of your favorite Halloween characters
  9. Diffusing Watercolor Masterpiece – a great project for art therapy
  10. Top 10 DIY Easter Crafts for Kids – fun and easy DIY Easter craft ideas on a budget

top 10 diy craft blogs

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 DIY Craft Blog Posts from 2017

  1. Each item on this list is just WOW! — I’m sure they keep kids occupied for hours and also help them learn something new every time. On the other end of the spectrum, hygiene is very important for kids to keep them safe from harmful chemicals and bad viruses…I am also a STEM blogger and keeping those things in my mind, I have made a post on 7 best hygiene STEM activities which kids love to do…Share your thoughts on them—

  2. This is a really great list, thanks for sharing. In the future, it would be brilliant to see a list of DIY blogs that cover topics such as interior design, building and generally larger items on here.

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