Canvas Board Designs For Painting & Coloring

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Celebrate the summer season with fun canvas art designs to color! Our Designed Canvas Board Sets feature pre-printed designs that are ready to decorate. Each set comes with 12 real artist stretched canvas boards, and features two each of six designs. 

This is a great craft for younger kids or older adults because the outline is directly on the canvas, so they have a set design to follow. If your group often struggles with a blank canvas and coming up with what to draw, these are a great alternative. You can even supply these for your group, then gradually move to a blank canvas for more advanced artists. 

To decorate, use oils, acrylic paints, or markers. The most preferred method of decorating these canvas boards is acrylic paint, as it is easy to work with and dries easily. You can use a paintbrush, or paint markers to paint the canvas. A great alternative for painting on canvas is to use oil paint. We have some great options for oil pastels. Also, you can use permanent or washable markers. See below for a list of materials. You can also get fancy and add some glitter glue!

Art Supply Options:

Designer Canvas Board Set 1

canvas designs

This pack comes with these 6 designs:

  • Flowers and bumble bee
  • Home scene
  • Ocean scene with seagulls
  • Under the sea with fish
  • Flowerss in a field
  • Flower with the sun

Designer Canvas Board Set 2

canvas designs craft

This pack comes with these 6 designs:

  • Birdhouses
  • Sunflowers
  • Beach scene
  • Owl in a tree
  • Road with mountains
  • Flower


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