10 Hula Hoop Activities for Physical Education

Hula Hoops are popular in many games and activities, whether it is a warm-up activity for PE, part of a lesson plan for students, or a themed activity to keep kids active. Hoops are a great choice for teachers because they are inexpensive and versatile, making them perfect for many different physical activities. We’ve shared 10 ideas below from PE teachers that use hoops as the main piece of equipment, or an important part of the activity.

Many of these are among the top 5 shared ideas on the PE Central Pinterest board called PE Activities & Lesson Plans.

Top 10 Hula Hoop Activities

Hula Hut Activities for Physical Education

By J.D. Hughes ( pe2themax.com) The Hula Hut Phenomenon I never knew since coining the phrase “Hula Huts” in a cooperative lesson I created in the mid-90s, entitled Hula Hut Relays, that there would be an overwhelming response worldwide leading to … Read More


Hula Hoop Rally Activity for PE

Hoop Rally is a game that is a great lead up to 4-square or Spikeball. The objective is to continue to hit the ball into the hula hoop while attempting to prevent your opponent from being able to return it … Read More


Jenga Fitness Activity For Physical Education

My name is Bart Jones and I am an Elementary Physical Education teacher at Van Meter Elementary in Van Meter, Iowa. The activity I modified/created/shared is called “Jenga Fitness”. I created my version of this activity in response to the … Read More


Hula Hoop Car Road Trip – Movement Activity for Grades K-1st

My name is Tyler Staup and I am currently teaching a Lincoln Elementary in Brownsburg, Indiana. The activity I am going to be writing about is called: “Hula Hoop Car Road Trip.” This activity is great for teaching kindergarten and … Read More


Hoop Hop Showdown – Rock Paper Scissors Hula Hoop Activity

As PE teachers, one of our main goals is to keep kids as active as possible throughout class. Kids want to be challenged and love a good competition. These past few weeks, the Hula Hoop Showdown activity has been so … Read More


Race to the Galaxy – A Cooperative Game for PE & Active Play

I came up with the idea for Race to the Galaxy (originally named Space Colonies) after reviewing games on the PhysEdGames YouTube channel. Since I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan, I really wanted to add a space-themed activity to my cooperative … Read More


Four Square Hula Hoop PE Activity

I am always trying to challenge my students in different ways to not only make it more enjoyable but more physically challenging. If students can learn to push their bodies more than their limit, they will find themselves feeling more … Read More


Building A Snowman- Winter PE Activity

All over the world children love playing in the snow, and why not have some of that fun in Physical Education class? This year, one of the most popular holiday games was “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” As … Read More


Tic Tac Toe Relay – PE Activity

Physical education teacher Matt Barrows shares how to play Tic Tac Toe relay, including a description and a video of his students doing the activity: I like to promote exercise in fun creative ways in the gym.  Anything that has the … Read More


Poly Spot PE Activity – Overhand Throwing

Check out this great overhand throwing activity from PE teacher Colby Dischinger: Overhand Throwing Activity – “Spot On” Over the last few weeks, my primary students have been working on the concept of overhand throwing.  Through various drills and lead … Read More


Hoop Clips for Hula Hoop Activities

Connect your hoops together with Hoop Clips! Use the 2 way clips to connect flat hoops together on the ground for games like Hoop Hop Showdown, or build structures for activities, like Hula Hut Relay. Use the 3-way and 4-way hoop clips to connect even more hoops together! Create vertical structures or obstacles for your group to walk or run through.

Learn more here: Easy Hoop Clips for Hula Hoop Activities & Games

hula hoop activities for PE




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  2. Great Activities, I love hula hoops and use them in tag games. Having a variety of hoop colours enhances your PHE program.

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