How to Make DIY Yarn Monster Bags

diy yarn monsters craft

We are in love with this new DIY idea from craft expert Crafty Kate! Yarn crafts are super popular this year, and what better way to spend an afternoon than making these adorable Yarn Monsters. Turn a simple canvas bag into these fun and colorful characters. If you are planning a monster themed event, or planning ahead for your Halloween festivities, try this craft using the tutorial below.

This can also be made into a collaborative group activity. You can work together on one project by using multiple cardboard pieces and have each person wrap yarn to create each line of yarn for the bag. Once you are finished, kids can use the bag to store classroom supplies, household items, or a few of their favorite craft items.

DIY Yarn Monster Bag Tutorial

yarn monster materialsView the video tutorial below to learn how to make a Yarn Monster. Plus, you can refer to the step by step instructions below with visuals.  We’ve also included links to the materials we used!





Step 1: On the non-zipper side of the canvas bag, draw lines using a pencil and a ruler to mark where the yarn will go. You will need 5 rows of yarn to fill the front of the bag. The top edge of the bag will be your first line – just leave a little space above it. Then draw 4 lines, a ruler width apart.

yarn monster craft

Step  2: Cut out a piece of cardboard that is the same length as the canvas bag (about 6 inches wide) and about 3 inches tall. Use a ruler to find the center, then use an Xacto knife to score the cardboard so it is easier to fold. Press hard enough to get a deep enough cut, but not all the way through.

yarn monster bag craft

Step 3: Choose which color yarn you’d like to use. Place the end of the yarn inside the cardboard to hold it in place. Then wrap the yarn around the piece of cardboard. Make sure you wrap it as evenly as possible, and as close together as you can.

yarn monster

Step 4: Once you have the yarn wrapped, you will apply it to the bag with a hot glue gun. Apply hot glue on the top edge of the bag, leaving a little bit of space. Place the cardboard with yarn onto the line of glue, folded side down – make sure the opened part of the cardboard is facing the top. As you hold the cardboard in place, cut the yarn along the top with an Xacto knife. Remove the cardboard. The yarn stays in place on the bag!

yarn monsters

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the 5 lines have yarn!

yarn monster how to

Step 6: Glue on the wiggly eyes – place them close together or far apart, whichever you prefer. We used 3D bingo chips to allow the eyes to be raised up!

yarn monster craft

Now you have made your first Yarn Monster! Have fun with different colors of yarn and different sized wiggly eyes.

Fun Variations

To make a rainbow Yarn Monster, use variegated yarn. We also made a unicorn themed bag with some pastel yarn. And if you are using this for a Halloween craft, use orange yarn and black yarn. You can even add glow in the dark wiggly eyes!

unicorn yarn bag

yarn monsters halloween


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