5 Fun Sidewalk Chalk Activities and Ideas


Sidewalk Chalk is an all time favorite here at S&S Worldwide. There’s something exciting about having an infinite blank canvas and allowing your imagination to come to life through colors and fun!

Featuring our Color Splash!® Sidewalk Chalk, a giant box of 126 jumbo sticks of chalk in 14 each of 9 colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple, pink, and white. They are durable, break resistant, and long lasting. And best of all, they are affordable! This pack is on sale for only $19.99!

Color Splash sidewalk chalk on sale

Whether you’re drawing a foursquare court or your favorite flower, sidewalk chalk can be used to turn your outdoor space into a classroom learning experience. Get active with fun games, learn colors, numbers, or create a music graph to teach music. We’ve got some ideas to inspire your time outside this summer that we know you will love.

Hopscotch with a Twist

We love this idea from JrImagination. You can really add any activity to the boxes. Ask the children to pick actions and motions for the game, theme activities to support lessons, or concepts you are working on with them, and even have them help build it!

jrimagination hopscotch

Creativity Meets Nature Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are talking about nature in your classroom or want the children to explore their surroundings, this idea from nurturestore.co.uk is sure to be a great addition to your hunt.  As you talk about the different plants, leaves, minerals and commons elements found in nature, children can can either work in teams to bring back what they have found or each students can add theirs to the area.

natureco chalk nature hunt

Fun with Constellations

Learning constellations during the day just became colorful and brought to life! If you’re working on a space unit, you can even work on creating the solar system. This idea below from creeksidelearning also uses rocks (which you can even paint) to help make the
“stars” 3-D.

constellation activity with chalk

Math Challenge

Making math fun helps keep children engaged in what can sometimes be a tough subject to understand. Over at Math Geek Mama, they took learning outside in hopscotch form to create a jumping math maze challenge. The goal of this maze is to make it to the center square. You can find the directions of how to set it up and the rules of the game at their blog here.

A Spelling Bee Hop

We thought this alphabet mat from Deceptively Educational was so much fun! For children learning their sight words, or even working on spelling – creating a kinesthetic way for them to practice spelling outside is so cool! Discover some of the activities this mama created with her mat here.

sidewalk chalk spelling and word games

More Chalk Ideas

  • Draw Jumbo Checkers and Chess Boards (use bean bags)
  • Create a favorite board game like Candy Land
  • Draw a bulls eye and toss bean bags or water balloons
  • Create a backdrop for pictures
  • Inspire kindness with a sidewalk of encouraging words
  • Jumbo Bingo Cards (use bean bags or poly spots)
  • Use with lessons (Periodic Table, Math Charts, Venn Diagrams, Sheet Music)
  • Host a Chalk Art Contest
  • Color outdoor murals
  • Play outdoor Tic Tac Toe games

Sidewalk chalk ideas

Customer Ideas

We LOVE these creative ideas and awesome feedback from our customer about our Color Splash!® Giant Box of Sidewalk Chalk! Get some great ideas from your program below, whether it’s for an afterschool program, classrom, playground, recreational program, library, summer camp, christian program, or just a fun activity for kids at home to play and learn.


“This is a big box of chalk that can be used for a classroom or just a bunch of artistic children. The chalk all came packed well and unbroken. Perfect for drawing on cement, driveways, and parking spaces. Great way to promote creativity and then wash away easily for new creations.” – Jess, Teacher, Northern California

“Our students love being creative with the chalk during outdoor recess. It lets their artist side shine through.” – LR, Pennsylvania

“Purchased these for the children to use at recess – and they love it as a creative opportunity at recess! The large number in the box allow for lots of kids to use the chalk and be involved. They LOVE it!” – J Keily, Wisconsin

“We use the product to outline class for line up. It works very well but we do run through many pieces each day.” – KL, New York

“Great product for outside play on the playground during recess or afterschool programs. Sturdy chalk will last a long time!” – CJB EDA, Texas

“Recess time for all our budding young artist. The kids love to draw so being able to purchase a large quantity is a must.” – Karla, Illinois


“We use this for library storytimes for outdoor play and we love it! Last just as long as name brand and same quality at a value.” – Library Professional, Texas

“Used as an extension to a book. Children loved it!” – Deb, Librarian,Virginia

Summer Camp

“Our summer campers and after school participants love when the chalk come out. the size fits perfectly in their little hands.” – Youth Coordinator, Oklahoma

“I buy a couple boxes every year for our summer camp program (K-6th grade). Excellent value, excellent chalk! I will keep buying!” – Amanda, California

“We purchase this box of chalk every year and it lasts most of the summer. Great purchase for the price. Includes lots of colors. We usually have to store these in a different container because the cardboard box wilts if it gets wet and kids tend to leave the box outdoors.” – HD, North Dakota

“One box lasts an entire summer!! Great value for the money spent and our camp kids LOVE to chalk.” –  Summer Camp Professional, Kansas

“This is a product every afterschool or camp needs to have. It is a great activity that the kids really enjoy, and still gets them outside while reducing the risk of injury tremendously. A box can last quite a long time, depending on how often you use it. The colors show up nicely and everything washes clean. Very satisfied.” – KL, Florida

“All of our campers(ages 6-13). Love sidewalk chalk. We use it as a planned activity or an impromptu activity when we get an unexpected hole in our schedule. We give pairs of kids a section of sidewalk to decorate and turn them loose.” – Marty, Kansas City

“We have 400 children and camp and use a lot of chalk this is a great product for the money.” – CA, New Jersey

Children’s Program

“Great value and product. Used for children’s programing/outside chalk drawing. Holds up well until the last bit can be used. Rinses off with a good rain shower.” – KB, Illinois

“We use chalk are as part of our recess activities, our girls love to do chalk art and play games.” – Girls Inc., Los Angeles

Church/ Religious Program

“Great chalk, Great price, Great buy for missions trip for my church.” – BA, Oklahoma


“For home use the kids would draw and play for hours. (fun use) I would write math problems on the driveway and the kids would run over and solve them. Turns out all the kids in the area loved the fun as well.” – GC, North Carolina

Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk Kids

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  10. Drawing with sidewalk chalk was one of my favorite activities as a kid! We would draw a road with chalk and ride our bikes around the driveway. Great for getting kids outside and active. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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